The streaming page twitch.TV is now over ten years old and has become clear to the largest gaming livestream page. Since then, many records have been broken on the platform. In the highly competitive world of streaming, records are set up for the longest streams, stations and even most subscribers or spectators on Twitch. In the following we look at these twitch records times.

Table of contents

  1. 1Witch records: most subscribers
  2. 2Witch records: the longest sunbath
  3. 3Witch records: the longest stream
  4. 4 further Twitch records

Twitch Streamer Comparison: A Full Statistical Overview [2016-2021]

Twitch Records: Most Subscribers

Ludwig is still the Twitch Streamer with most subscribers. He has recently changed to YouTube. Source: Ludwig on YouTube
1 Ludwig 283,066 (April 2021)
2 Ninja 269,154 (April 2018)
3 Geekandsundry — 55,349 (February 2018)
4 Tyler — 136,666 (February 2018)

For a long time Ninja held the record for most subscribers on Twitch, but then switched to another streaming platform called Mixer (now set). Nevertheless, his fans remain loyal to him, until Ludwig broke with his sunbath the old record.

Twitch records: The longest sunbath

1 GhostineThemachine — 76 days (October 2021)

2 Appeared — 45 days (September 2021)
3 PANDA TV — 36 days (July 2021)
4 Ludwig — 30 days (April 2021)

What is a sunbath?
In a sunbath, the streamer gives a certain time to stream. Whenever a viewer concludes a subscription, the time that the streamer continues to stream. The viewers keep the streamer as a hostage. Ludwig brought the most subscribers with his 30 days, the record of 76 days but Ghostinthemachine followed by Appeared with 45 days and Mandate with 36 days of continuous stream.

Twitch records: the longest stream

Most subscriptions, the longest stream & more — the largest twitch records (2) Source:
This record was originally situated by Los Polls TV in April 2020 with 161 hours of live transmission, and since then many channels have tried to break it. Callmecypher briefly put on a new record by standing 200 hours streamed before being finished due to technical difficulties.

Now there is a clear record holder, and it is unlikely that someone ever will overtake him. At the time of creating this article, the Twitch Streamergphustla has been live for 465 days with a single uninterrupted broadcast live. This is the longest solo livestream on Twitch.

The longest stream of several persons
When we go beyond the single streamer, the channel Streamer house claims that since 2013 uninterrupted to be live, which would of course mean that he holds the record overall. However, this is a group of friends and guests and not a single streamer.

More Twitch records

Most subscriptions, the longest stream & more — the largest twitch records (3) Source: Ninja on Twitch
Most Follower
Ninja with 17.1 million followers

Most viewers (at the same time) in a stream
There with around 660,000 spectators

Organizations such as PlayStation or Riot excluded

The most shaped streamer (as of October 2021)
Gauges with 18.042.670 viewer hours (at 716 hours stream time)
Just behind QC with 18,037,273 viewer hours (at 277 hours stream time)


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