The FIFA series (previously called FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer) is a series of football simulations developed by EA Canada, which is published under the brand EA SPORTING ACTIVITIES. It exists considering that completion of 1993 with the publication of FIFA International Soccer. Ever since, a brand-new problem of the game with the most recent data from the world of football has actually been published every year, to make sure that the collection has actually been even more than 20 video games. The existing version FIFA 21 has actually been published on 6 October 2020 for PC and different consoles. Along with the main games, which lug a continuous year in the title, EA Sports publishes differentiating offshoots in uneven intervals (see FIFA Road) of the games along with independent variations to World and European Championships. The last advertising and marketing bonds were to name a few points Lionel Messi, Marco Reus, Cristiano Ronaldo and Eden Threat.

League of Legend (Roll below) The All-Star Game, which is the event of the year of e-sports, was canceled.

Riot Games announced that it does not hold 2021 roll all-star warfare through the Roll E Sports Official website. The reason is because of Corona 19. The spread of Corona 19 is declining worldwide, but it is still a complex situation, such as the overseas visit and the tournament and broadcasting studio access procedure. In particular, the All-Star Game will proceed for a short period of three days, for example, to isolate a month in two weeks to isolate a few times to ahead of the season. The other global tournament rolled cup or MSI is longer than the quarantine period, but the All-Star game was not so unable to cancel the organizer.

2021 All-Star Game Highlights (7/13/21) | MLB Highlights

Of course, there would be a way to switch to online format like last year, but it was not considered determining that it does not match the purpose of all-star before. Riot Games said, If you proceed with online, you think that the prestige of the ROL E-sports season is not reflected properly, he said.

If the corona is prolonged, it may disappear from the history of history like the All-Star Conduct Lift Rice. In fact, All-Star game is because the opinions that the time and how they will be burdened to the athletes as compared to the lift rivals. I will keep the All-Star Game to be held normally next year.