Today, Tuesday, November 30, 2021, preserves a new update to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Google Stadia. The changes include preparations for the new contents of the coming DLC ​​ 30 years bungee and possibly also solutions for known problems. The most important times and information you get as always on Mango.

You have to know today: Bungee has announced another maintenance of Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 for today, November 30th. In the last This Week at Bungee Blog, Bungee has already announced this downtime, in preparation for the new content.

So that you know exactly when you can gamble and what everything changes in the game, inform you Mango and updates this article as soon as more details are known.

Destiny 2 Sucks

Maintenance on 30.11. — All times and server-down

These times are important today:

At 14:00 German Time, the maintenance work on all platforms start.
From 14:45 o’clock the servers are then offline. You will be kicked out of all activities and the downtime starts.
Players are expected to log in again at 17:00.
At 18:00, the maintenance work for Destiny 1 and 2 should end scheduled.

It is important: Even if you loaded the update, it can lead to connection problems until the end of the maintenance work at 6:00 pm. You may need to expect queues when logging. Also consider that third-party applications and also the official companion app can not be reached correctly.

That changes with the update in Season 15

This brings the hotfix today: The patch notes are not yet known. Bungee is probably already in the background preparations for the new DLC on 07. December 2021.

The complete list of today’s changes can be found in the link to the patch Notes below, which we link to you at the given time.

patch notes to update in Destiny 2

What’s in the patch Notes? The comprehensive list of all changes published bungee in the form of patch notes. These are currently not published.

We update this article as soon as they are available. The information is traditionally appeared together with the update itself. So looks again later.

Are you looking forward to the new DLC 30 years bungee and the Gjallarhorn, which appear in December? Or did you choose to you and first gamble to Witch Queen?