For itself, Tim Walter has hidden the series. His HSV has been undefeated since twelve games, the last time this was 26 years ago. Me, says the coach, does not mean anything. But the boys push the scary. It gives you total safety, you feel a bit of far invulnerable and feel that a lot has to happen to beat us. In the past, Hamburg has often held traction in times of first tender success. The current squad actually acts little prone in these weeks, but willing, hungry. But not yet mature.

The development is of course not over, but she progresses ahead, says the 46-year-old coach. For weeks, he has pointed to this process and had always worked on repetitive games as one who tries to develop a development that is simply not visible. After the unadorned, but sovereign 3: 0 against Ingolstadt you will even be in the table. The HSV has made a beat distance to the top. And Walter, whose style is so complex, it simply explains: We are very aggressive in defending and meet now more often the gate. That the Hamburg defensive with 16 counterparts is currently the second best of the league, also refutes the long-established thesis, his football is too immunity. Walter says the order has always been voted, Now we have more access. The whole defensive chain makes it rigorous.

Discontinuation of Herpes Simplex virus (HSV) IgM Testing
The praise for the four-person composite also contains a special note: the chain is extremely changed. On the right Walter has voluntarily replaced Jan Camera through the defensive thinking All rounder Moritz Hair; On the left he must catch the failure of Tim Lei bold with Miro Mülheim and defended in the center for two games of the 19-year-old Mario Djokovic — and this with a resolute that the HSV Gut tut. In addition, behind it with Marko Johansson instead of Timekeeper Daniel Hewer Fernandes is also a replacement, and apart from two cobblers with the foot on Sunday makes a strong job.

The truth belongs that the guest of Sunday does not represent a true degree knife. But the victory opens a real perspective before the winter break, in this season after a long start to attack. To go this step would be the next proof of a trailing development. That this could fail in missing hunger closes Walter: The boys have a willingness and attitude that makes me great fun.