Islanders @ Lightning 11/15/21 | NHL Highlights
Only last week the league had canceled three games of the Ottawa Senators, because in the team of national player Tim Support eleven people on the Corona list of NHL stood. The senators were the first team in the big leagues NFL, NBA and NHL, who had a forced break since the start of the season 2021/22. Overall, five games are currently affected, three of the senators and two of the Islanders. The league shared, you will adapt to the main round game plan of the Islander. Last season, the League 51 had to cancel or move games. Theoretically, too many shifts due to coronavirus-conditioned game failures — as in the cases of Ottawa and the Islander, could lead to the NHL that the NHL does not interrupt the season for the Beijing Olympics to use the time for catch-up dates. This decision must be taken until 10 January 2022.