66 meters, the gate removal at his joker tor to the 2-0 final score at the last home game against Cofferdam, only 45 meters in the many victory goals to 2: 1 against the SF, when he met the far before his goal Mark Flecked (82.). Whether it reimbursed Antonio could only be out of distance? Seems like that, the 25-year-old smiled at SKY. After that, I had a good chance to get the sack, unfortunately did not succeed me, the offensive players described the scene in which he had pulled the shorter in one-counter-one with flocks (87.). It is all the same er that he could be worried in this way for the decision.

Immediately, where the ball is away from the foot.

Milos Antonio

With his second Bundesliga, he has immediately, where the ball is away from the foot, realized that he would land in the gate. That he had come to the situation at all to run there, from where he then sent the ball into the gate, he had in feeling: That’s just instinct.

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The fans praised Antonio over the green clover: they would have just supported incredibly. What they have done today is just worth a big compliment. At the end he gave away a promise. When Bochum starts, also to play away as well as in front of a native backdrop? On Saturday, smiled Antonio. Then it goes for Bochum to the FC Augsburg.