Hello Games introduced 4 expeditions this year, which involves special and closed adventures in the infinite cosmos of space play.

But not all had the time to go with friends on foreign worlds to experience missions.

Now you will receive another opportunity to catch up on this adventure and also the opportunity to earn the Normandy from Mass Effect. Because the expeditions are reactivated.

Here are the new appointments when you can play the expeditions in No Man’s Sky:

Expedition 1 (Pioneer): November 24 to 7 December
Expedition 2 (Beachhead / Normandy): 8 to 21 December
Expedition 3 (Cartographers): 22 December to January 4th
Expedition 4 (Emergence): 5 to 19 January

At the same time, an update with error corrections and improvements has also been published. The patch notes can be found below.

Update 3.73 — patch notes

Fixed to Issue That Could Cause Protected Terrain Edits Inside A Player’s Base To Occasionally Be Overwritten WHEN Downloading many Terrain Edits from Other Player’s Bases.
The Base Computer Can Now Be Picked Up and Moved Within The Bounds of the Base.
Improved The Clarity of Messaging When Placing A Base Computer in Invalid Location.
Fixed to Issue That Could Cause Audio Problems On PlayStation 4.
Wiring Fashion Now Has Access to Rotation and Free Place Options.
Fixed to Issue That Caused The HUD Message That Accompanies Entering A Base to Trigger Too Frequently.
Fixed to Issue That CAUSED The Personal Refiner Audio to Continue to Play Forever IF The Refiner Ran Out of Fuel.

Fixed A Collision Issue With Timber Roof Corner Base Parts.
Fixed A Number of Snapping Issues With Basic Shape Adornment Parts (Cubes, Pyramids, Cylinders, and SO).
Fixed A Number of Collision and Terrain Carving Issues with Small Paving Parts.
Fixed A Collision Issue With One Visual Variant of the Timber Wall With Windows.
Fixed to Issue That Could Cause Base Part Preview Holograms to Be Offset.
The Pipe and Curved Pipe Building Parts Have Been Combined Into A Single New Pipe Part That Adjusts Shape Contextually.
Fixed A Snapping Issue with Byte beat Cables.

You Have A Second Chance! No Man's Sky Frontiers Patch 3.73 Has Some Amazing Fixes

Introduced A Significant Memory Optimization for PlayStation 4.
Introduced A Number of Significant Base Building Physics Optimizations.
Introduced A Significant Base Building Networking Optimization.

Fixed A Number of Rare Issues That Could Cause Planetary Objects to Have No Collision.
Fixed A Rare Issue Where Grass Could Grow Around The Edges of Settlement Building Interiors.
Fixed A Rare Issue That Could Cause NPCs in Settlements to Hover Above Their Chairs.
Fixed A Number of Base Building LOD Issues.
Fixed A Number Of Snapping Issues With Inner Pieces.
Fixed A Number of Issues That Could Cause Settlements to be incorrectly classified on the CBA Scale.
Fixed to Issue That Could Cause Players To Fall Out Of Their Freighter While Constructing New Rooms on Board.

Fixed A Number of Issues That Could Occur When Collecting Rewards After A Fleet Expedition Had Finished.
Fixed to Issue That Could Cause The Armorer Mission to Become Blocked IF Players Destroyed The Targeted Depot From The Air, OR Before The Mission Had Began.
Fixed to Issue That Could Cause Creature-Related Missions from The Nexus to Pick Inappropriate Planets.
Fixed to Issue That Allowed Base Part Duplication Mode to Duplicate Non-Buildable Parts.
Fixed A Rare ISSUE THAT COULD PREVENT PLAYERS FROM Completing The Construction of A Settlement Marketplace.
Fixed to Issue With Base Reporting.
Fixed to Issue That CAUSED THE SPAWN BENEATH YOUR SKIN MILESTONE OF THE EMERGENCE Expedition to Fail to find Any Valid Target When Using the Target Sweep.

Fixed to Xbox-Specific Crash That Could Occur When Loading Corrupted Save Data.
Fixed A Rare Issue That Could Cause Very Large Player Bases to Crash When Loading.
Fixed A XBox-Specific Crash That Could Occur When Running Out of Audio Memory.