The game has exceeded 500 games registered in the game pass that MS is previously being held on the Xbox representative business. As a game path, you can play all the games contained in the game path without purchasing the game individually, if you subscribe to Xbox game subscriptions.

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This can be confirmed by the Game Pass Counter, which is a statistical page that aggregates the BOX game pass key values. Based on 25 days, the game registered in the game path is collected to 501. These figures integrate a title that duplicates PC and Xbox versions into one.

The number of games supported by the Xbox game path is expected to increase. The page also shows games that will soon be added to the game and the game pass to the future, and 41 games are added to the game, and 62 games will be joined, and 8 will be joined. Comprehensive, it is expected that the total number of games for the time being, is expected to maintain an increase for the time being, than a game that is more than a game that is added to the game.

On the other hand, the number of Xbox Games Pass subscribers published in the formally published XBOX game pass is 1,8 million in January of this year MS is 18 million. In the last October, the specific figures were not disclosed, but the number of subscribers increased by 85.75% from June 30 last year, and it explained that it has recorded a higher growth rate than 71%. In recent years, MS emphasized the importance of game passes. The Phil Spencer, who oversees the Xbox game business, in an interview with the US Media Access (Axis), is still growing in the interview with the US Media Access (Axis), and it is a sustainable service.