Back in the days of Pokémon red and blue, players discovered a failure that allowed them to create duplicate elements, as rare candy. It seems that Pokémon bright diamond and bright pearl have a similar failure in Nintendo Switch, allowing players to clone a Pokémon, as well as the element he currently has! The error was discovered and shared on Twitter by the user. @ KevinFor5, and take some steps, but if the players do it well, they will copy a Pokémon as they eliminate another. Players who want to achieve this should be careful not to eliminate the Pokémon they want to copy!

How To CLONE Any Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The user of Twitter @orcastraw has provided a video that shows how to solve the problem, which can be found embedded below.

Following the tweet of @ Orchestra, @ KevinFor5 explained that he found the fault simply by accident. I have not tried the fault for myself, but several other Twitter users confirmed in the comments that this method could also be implemented. User @drklcns has also pointed out that moving to the area with failures at the bottom of the picture will make the game freeze, so that is more than readers should take into account.

While this fault may seem familiar to the series fanatics for a long time, there is a big difference between the modern era and the red and blue Pokemon days: Nintendo now has a way of solving this type of failure. Given that, it seems a safe bet that this will be solved quite quickly, especially because it is now extending a lot online. The cloning of rare Pokémon goes against the intention of the game, and The Pokémon Company does not really like that kind of thing. As such, stakeholders in trying this by themselves will want to do it quickly, before a new update is announced!

Pokémon Bright diamond and bright pearl is now available, exclusively in Nintendo Switch. Readers can consult our previous game coverage here.

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