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Many employees and shareholders of Activision Blizzard call for the resignation of the CEO Bobby Kick. According to a report of the The Wall Street Journal, it now thinks about withdrawing from his place as managing director. He shared this on Friday some executives in a meeting.

All information about the allegations against Activision Blizzard we have summarized for you in a detailed article. We also linked a comment by Gamer Editor-editor Rae Grimm to our reporting on the topic.

Resignation of Kick not certain

The resignation, however, only takes place under a condition. Kick is considering leaving the company if he can not eliminate the corporate cultural problems quickly enough, which have caused great headlines in recent weeks. He does not confirm directly that he will resign, but first builds this possibility for a condition.

The executives should also have notified Kick on Friday that many employees were not satisfied if Kick would not resign. Kick replied that he is ashamed of some of the incidents that have happened under his supervision. He apologizes for how he dealt with the evolving problems.

But: Kick has been in a senior position at Activision Blizzard for three decades. Accordingly, it remains questionable what period he admits the elimination of the problems that have been thawed over many years in the company.

More about the background of the scandal at Activision Blizzard can be found in a debate in the following video:

Reasons for resignation

What happened? Kick should be one of the complicity of the current corporate culture of Activision Blizzard. He himself should have known for years of sexual assaults, but did not do anything about it. On the contrary: He should accuse before the dismissal.

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The misery goes so far that not only the employees themselves, but also PlayStation boss Jim Ryan and Xbox boss Phil Spencer turn on. Ryan has asked Blizzard with Activision, which is made against the problem, but he shows himself disappointed. Spencer Reevaluate the relationship with Activision Blizzard.

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Employees even want to establish a union in the Group who strengthens their rights. Walkouts have already been organized as a protest action in which the employees defeat their work and demonstrate for a better working culture. A petition and an open letter should also help to counteract the abuses.