The premiere of the last block of chapters of arcane has left so many questions as answers between the community of League of Legends. A satisfactory ending that has wanted to leave open fronts at the possibility of launching one season 2 and that has used every detail of its final minutes to maintain interest with some of the great debates that came facing the community. Among them, the one who has managed to keep alive with just four seconds of footage just during the last moments (hereafter there will be spoilers of the series until their final chapter).

A unconfirmed theory in Arcane that still goes alive

The theory in question is one that is about Link to Wander with Warwick. On the table there were solid arguments such as the voice lines of the character in the game, the interactions with Jinx and the biography of him that defines him as an old gangster who has abandoned the weapons. Everything pointed to a possible revelation in these last chapters that has not taken place. However, Riot Games has thrown more gasoline to the bonfire with an image that has made fans hold hope.

Appeared during the song that closes this first season of Arcane, the image shows us what seems to be a beast in the Singed laboratory, something that most fans have interpreted as the official teaser of Warwicks appearance in the future From the series in case a predictable season is confirmed 2. Something reasonable considering that This scientist Anita is according to League of Legends the creator of the monster.

The Hidden Details Of Arcane - Act 1

It is also significant the song that sounds background. In it, it is afraid of the idea of ​​ monsters created. A phrase that perfectly defines the transformation of Powder in Jinx due to the cumulus of circumstances that lived both in its childhood and during the final stretch of the series, but that seems to be able to interpret literally in the case of the possible relationship between Wander, Warwick and Singed. A mystery of League of Legends that could be resolved in the future and will keep the conversations on the series alive until his return.