The catch-up hunt with a depressing defeat at the TSG 1899 Cofferdam first come to an end and now the view of ghost games. For RB Leipzig it was a weekend forgotten.

Affected and with criticism of the state government responded to the runner-up on the new Corona regulations in Saxony. For the club, the restrictions would have several effects, the football Bundesliga said with: In addition, the ghost gamesing competitive disadvantage comes, as we are currently the only first division who has to change his upcoming home games from empty backdrop.

STUNNING COMEBACK! RB Leipzig completes comeback with stoppage-time winner | ESPN FC Highlights

Whether in the midst of this mood trainer Jesse March can tear the rudder, the big question is the Saxony. First, those must win in the Champions League at FC Bruges to save at least the chance to continue playing in the Europa League. On Saturday in Sondheim, RB had at least the support of 400 military fans at a total of 13,233 spectators. However, they saw an uninspired guest taste team, which was the 0: 2 (0: 1) to goes through Divide Samassékou (12th Minute) and Mynas Dabber (68th) was still well served.

I think that was our worst seasonal performance so far, said goalkeeper Peter Gulags in the Sky interview. There was more will on the square, they have played better in every phase than we, said March about the sparkling and offense Oppenheimer. Its hard for me to understand why.

Away, the Leipzig in the league has not gained a game this season, everything will not be easier. RB must issue its nearest league games against Bayer Leverkusen (November 28) and Borussia Mönchengladbach (December 11) as well as the Königsklassenpartie (7 December) against Manchester City as ghost games: Saxony prohibited from coming week to rapidly rising Corona numbers Again viewers in the professional ghost games.

Again without fans in the domestic arena

You accept and respect the new legal situation, it was said at the beginning of a club announcement, because we understand that now everything has to be done to stop the further increase of corona infections. Then RB positioned clearly. You do not understand that that the Saxon government has ever come to this situation. The highest infection rate and the lowest vaccine quota of all federal states are a receipt that the policy in Saxony did not manage to implement sustainable concepts to curb the pandemic.

We have to play without fans in the domestic Red Bull Arena after we had hoped so much that can be left behind, it continued. That makes it easier for the team emotionally. Also, for our fans we are sorry (…).

Trainer March was immediately after the setback against Cofferdam, with which a series of seven unbeaten games came to an end, with the thoughts understandably still at the 0: 2. Of course we are disappointed, but the situation in society is more important now than what happens in the stadium, said the American. And: more important than football.