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Battlefield 2042 PRO Settings Guide ( Best Visibility and Performance )

What are the differences from previous Battlefield?

The 128 players on Next Gen version that literally change how to approach the game! In addition, the old classes do not really exist, they are replaced by specialists who have at their disposal all the arms of the game.

By what multimode does it start playing?

To make a hand, we must not hesitate to make some parts in cooperation on the modes conquest and breakthrough. I strongly advise starting playing with the Angel specialist who has ammunition, shield, can resuscitate his allies quickly and is really very complete!

What are the mistakes not to commit?

Rushing and paradoxically staying motionless! The worst mistake on Battlefield is to stay motionless. Especially if we play sniper because when one aims with a sniper a glow appears instead of our viewfinder and the whole map can know where we are! On Battlefield 2042 We must not be afraid of dying, we reappear very quickly and the main goal is to win the game: you have to play on the goals and contribute to the war effort!

How does a new map take ownership to know it?

I play a lot about the points then I tend to focus on a given area, especially with the new cards that are big. I try to perfectly master a conquest point and I tend to always play on the same point to learn how to play the different lines of the point to capture!

What are the vehicles and weapons to start, and what are those who offer strategic benefits?

The hovercraft is very strong and easy to control for a beginner, and for the weapon I recommend it would be the M5: easy to play and get from level 1. I also advise to test the pp-29 as soon as It is unlocked because it is also very effective and pleasant to play!