Turtle Beach announces the global launch of the award-winning Velocity Flight control system for flight simulations. The Velocity Flight was awarded the Best of Show at its announcement at E3 2021 by Android Authority.

At the beginning of the month, the pre-orders on www.turtlebeach.com were sold out in less than an hour worldwide, in key markets such as the US, Great Britain and Germany even in less than 15 minutes. The pre-orders have now been delivered, and the remaining Velocity Flight units reserved for the market launch on November 14, 2021, were also sold out in the US and other markets within minutes.

Awards right to start and a two-selling range of the product at www.turtlebeach.com underline the impressive entry of Turtle Beach in the market for flight simulation hardware, says Jürgen Strong, Chairman and CEO of Turtle Beach Corporation. The extremely high enthusiasm and demand for the Velocity one Flight shows that we have supplied the flight control system, which wishes enthusiasts. The integrated tax horn, the thrust square, the trim gear and the extensive controls offer a comprehensive control system for experienced fans of flight simulations as well as a simple plug-and-play operation for new enthusiasts.

Velocity Flight was developed in collaboration with aviation engineers and pilots as well as a dedicated Turtle Beach team, which can look back on more than two decades of experience in the development of many first-class flight and racing simulation controllers.

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Velocity Flight offers a realistic, authentic and modern flight experience for Xbox and PC and is the perfect all-in-one flight controller system to experience the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on the Xbox Series X | S. Pilots and flight simulator enthusiasts can order Velocity one Flight at www.turtlebeach.com and with participating dealers worldwide. The initial quantities were still limited and anyone who had no luck may be notified by Turtle Beach by e-mail as soon as the Velocity one Flight is available again.

Velocity one Flight — Amazon — 379.99 euros

Microsoft Flight Simulator | Turtle Beach VelocityOne | Review

The Velocity Flight offers intuitive and realistic controls and gives users of all levels of experience a comprehensive system to the hand to experience the thrill of flying. A faithful 180 °control horn with integrated rudder control enables the precise leadership of each aircraft.

The included modular thrust square with trim gear, double lever and Vernier control and exchangeable thrust levers offers flyers to the ground better adaptation options and a realistic flight experience for lightweight and heavy aircraft. A simple USB connection allows users an uncomplicated setup, whether on an Xbox console or under Windows 10. The Velocity Flight is now available to an EIA of €379.99.