Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft registration solution for use with Xbox One and also Xbox Series game consoles, along with on Windows 10 and 11. Calls the Netflix for video games, the Xbox Game Pass enables Players to have access to a video game magazine of different authors for a single monthly membership price. The service was launched on June 1, 2017, while subscribers at Xbox Live Gold obtained top priority access on May 24. At the E3 2019, Microsoft announces the arrival of the Xbox Game Pass on PC, originally in beta as well as in the Ultimate variation. The solution represent 27 January 2021 greater than 18 million customers.

Xbox Cloud Gaming on Consoles is here!

The day has finally arrived Xbox announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming is already officially available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Program members Xbox insiders They had already had the opportunity to try this new function, but now it has already arrived for the rest of the users.

This means that the subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to access the versions of the cloud of certain games of Xbox via the application of Game Pass, giving them the opportunity to enjoy them via streaming instead to have to download them.

And yes, this also means that users of Xbox One can enjoy certain exclusive titles of X and S series in this console. In this first lot we have things like The Medium, The Rift breaker and recompile. Other titles such as Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be added, which will be available at Cloud Gaming at some point of 2022.

Editor s Note: Xbox is definitely beginning to fulfill many of the promises that made us during the launch of the X | s series. Throughout this year we have seen a lot of news for the entire Xbox console family, and sure we will see more in the future.