The representative contents of the Comedy Channel Creamy University, which are attracted to YouTube, a representative contents of the Comidi Channel Creamy University, and the President of the Gustav in Susan.

17th, President Kim Young-nam and Lee Taehyung vice president visited Cacao Games Booth. Middle-aged mountain members who do not know about the latest games, but with the mind that young friends can not miss the new ones, passion! Passion! Passion! Turning to Susan.

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At this day, the president, as the president, he bounced and looked at Kim Young-nam, chairman of the Kim Young-nam, who looks well, and the two of the older Chiefs of the Economy, who looked at him, President Kim Young-nam s chairman saw the Umamusome Museum, Was Must The Mus man? He made the surrounding sea, and the vice chairman of the Lee Taejon, and the game was exploding and blaming the viewers. Game Mecca puts on the camera with the President of the Han sang Mountain, Kim Young-nam, president and Lee Twemoji, who explored the Cacao Games Booth.