When Steffen Rampart asked his professionals on the training on Tuesday, two important actors were missing except for the parked international teams: Six Ell yes Shirt and Idea Mark Utah. Wherein the forecast is relatively clear in the latter. The cold sounds. I assume that he is on the place at the latest on Thursday. Maybe he starts on Wednesday, explained the FC coach.

Something more complicated is the case Shirt, who broke the calf heads six weeks ago, but has already denied individual training since by the past week. But for the game on Sunday (5.30 pm, live! BEI Baumgart asked) in Mainz, Rampart does not plan the Tunisian at the moment.

At the moment he is very, very good in the training. It works everything. But with a fracture, the healing process must be completed. It does not help us if he says he feels good, Rampart described the state of things. We have to note everything that the consequences are not worse than what is now.

I do not want to give out any forecasts

Shirt and Rampart is still missing the green light of the medical department. Consequently, the coach expects the next game with its permanent runner. No, for Sunday I would not plan him. As long as I have no go war, it does not help, if I say, I calculate in Mainz with him, explains Rampart, who does not explain the national player after so long pause despite his class Be sure to direct directly into the starting eleven.

The FC coach establishes this with the performance of Shirts representatives, Salish Can and Dean Juridic. You have to say, the others have done well, argues the 49-year-old, even if he disappears a back door for Shirt: If he stands with the others on the training place, he will also find the connection relatively quickly
An X-ray showing a completely healed break could therefore change the situation abruptly. Not for nothing, Rampart also says: I do not want to give out any forecasts.

I believe that we have enough opportunities

Die ERSTE FOLGE der neuen Staffel 24/7 FC | 1. FC Köln | Steffen Baumgart
In contrast, despite the high appreciation for Shirt, the coach resists, on the other hand, to celebrate the lack of achievement experiences on the absence of the Tunisian. Even if the Effie without the midfielder no Bundesliga game has been victorious in this season. I have read: From the last eight games we have only won one — but we have only lost two, in Dortmund and in Cofferdam, he thinks. That happened others.

The thirst trail with only two points from the latest four league games alone to Shirts are missing, Rampart is simply too cheap. I believe that we have enough opportunities to win games. And not that it is because Ell yes was not there. Otherwise, it s only to Tony Modest or Shirt. Then we should stop!