First, it was about stability. The VFL Wolfsburg to end under Mark Van Rommel became self-service shop for the opponents, it hailed goals and defeats. Florian Krefeld took over, changed the basic formation of previously mostly played 4-2-3-1 into a 3-4-3, barely changed after prior duration rotation. However, stresses: It s not all carved in stone. Changes are possible at any time.

Especially in the offensive, the coach asks himself, as he can bring the tremendous potential that offers the VFL squad for unfolding. In his first games, the 39-year-old with Yannick Gerhard offered a man who stands for balance and stability, also in an offensive role, in the Champions League against Salzburg (2: 1) stood with Out Warhorse and Lukas Mecca only two Nominal offensive forces on the grass. We have to see, says Krefeld, that we create options, this quality we have to put together in the front positions, too. And so the coach lasted in the weak test against Hans Rostock (1: 3), for example, OpenSossmann Maximilian Philipp as an eighth. I collect information, explains Krefeld, I have to puzzle that a bit far together.

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The puzzle player has many parts to choose from, which he could merge. Who fits where? Who harmonizes with whom? How can the offensive take place after the stabilization of the defense? The challenge is, knows Krefeld, a Maximilian Philipp in the place to get a Jodi Lukebakio on the square, Luca Goldschmidt is still Jitendra, Felix Mecca I hold for very talented. Not to mention that Renato Steffen is that Admit Mehmed and Daniel Since belong to the squad, Bartosz Bible should be back in the new year after his cruciate ligament.

The task for Krefeld: We have to find land and positions where we get you on the place. Not all, but some players who have so far so harmless VFL offensive (twelve goals in eleven league games, only Bochum, Augsburg, Fürth and Bielefeld met rare). That would be the next step in the development under the new coach.