Microsoft Flight Simulator (informally understood as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020) is an amateur flight simulator established by Solo Studio as well as released by Xbox Game Studios. It is an entrance in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series which started in 1982, and also was preceded by Microsoft Flight Simulator X in 2006. The game is a return of the series after a 14-year absence, with development beginning six years before its release. It was released on August 18, 2020, for Microsoft Windows, with an online fact (VIRTUAL REALITY) variation released in December of the very same year– the initial in the series to see a virtual reality release. It is additionally the first game in the collection to have a console launch, with it being released on the Xbox Collection X and also Collection S on July 27, 2021.
Flight Simulator mimics the topography of the entire Earth using information from Bing Maps. Microsoft Azure s expert system (AI) generates the three-dimensional depictions of Planet s functions, using its cloud computing to make and improve visuals, and real-world data to produce real-time weather and impacts. Flight Simulator has a physics engine to supply practical flight control surface areas, with over 1,000 substitute surfaces, in addition to sensible wind designed over hillsides and mountains. Some areas are handcrafted, introduced in region-specific updates. To enhance its realism, the Azure AI also integrates real-time aspects like natural weather condition as well as real-world air traffic. The gameplay consists of new features like touchdown challenges and assistants, along with safaris where pilots can photograph pets from the air. A unique distinction from the other entrances is the game does not present any kind of scenes of damage.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Everything New Coming in Game of the Year Edition
The game was launched to essential honor, with appreciation for its visual integrity, mentioned by movie critics as the best way to take a trip during the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of reviewers additionally positioned it on their favorites lists and also called it one of the most aesthetically pleasing game of 2020, though there was criticism of its loading times as well as mistakes in rendering of some buildings. Pilots likewise noted the game s unrealistic the rules of aerodynamics. It won Ideal Sim/Strategy Game at The Game Honors 2020.

The flight simulation sets exist since the very beginning. They have always had enough attraction for aircraft lovers to stay relevant. However, they had notorious mediocre graphics and most of the time, you had no idea of ​​the city that you fly over, except to watch some geographical features. But now everything has changed thanks to the new Microsoft s Flight Simulator. This taking on the kind of niche has so amazing visuals that she has managed to capture the interest of people who do not know anything about aircraft.

The images we have seen are in pre-alpha, but that does not mean that they are not impressive. A short video has been published who has some of the world s most photogenic regions such as Italy and Greece. To say it slightly, the graphics are breathtaking and a huge improvement compared to everything that preceded it. If things remain like they are throughout the game development, it could easily be the most beautiful video game to date.

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The new Flight Simulator game has been unveiled at the Microsoft E3 conference. It has been said that this game will fall in the current of 2020, but an exact release date is not yet known. Aside from the beautiful graphics, Flight Simulator will offer more than the same features as the fans love. Hundreds of very detailed aircraft, as well as dynamic weather conditions, will be present. For example, if you leave New York, it can be nice when you leave and rain and covered on your return.

If you are interested in flying or if you just want to try something new, Flight Simulator should be on your radar. This is not the most stuffed game of action ever created, but it is safe relaxing.