Felix Arid UHF Kjellberg, says PewDiePie ([pjuːdipaɪ], born October 24, 1989, in Gothenburg, is a Swedish web and also comedian videographer. He released his video clips on YouTube given that April 29, 2010. It is recognized first with the aid of his video clips of kind Allowed s Play of horror, action and also independent video games and also mainly understands amusing videos on Memes. With more than 4,000 videos and also greater than 26 billion sights, its YouTube network is one of the most tracked on the planet. His video clips on the memory loss collection: The Dark Descent have actually however contributed to its prestige. The majority of its video clips are released in English, nevertheless, as a result of its success, lots of Net users show its video clips, especially in French. After a lengthy competition, its chain is exceeded in number of clients by T-Series in 2019, then by coco melon in 2021.

YouTube s videos soon will no longer show how many I do not like, just how many I like. The announcement was made yesterday by the company owned by Google and, until now, has received a substantial violent reaction. To this end, the unofficial King of YouTube, PewDiePie, has come out and has commented on the decision, which he personally finds strange and confusing.

To reduce targeted disgust attacks and their impact on the creators (especially in the smallest creators), you will no longer see a count of public disgust on YouTube as of today (the disgust button remains), he said. YouTube on the change.

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In a new video, PewDiePie went to YouTube and the explanation of the change of him, noting that there are positive aspects. For example, PewDiePie revealed that random dislikes, especially in the healthy content, is a problem.

Then, PewDiePie left her role as a devil s lawyer and explained why he believes that the change is wrong to explain first that is a good tool for the spectators.

YouTube Removed The Dislike Button..

«On YouTube, it is [The Dislike Count] An indication of whether it is a good video or not, said PewDiePie. If you are looking for a video tutorial and has 20 percent or more I do not like it, I will not see that video. I know it s a bad tutorial.

By directly approaching YouTube s assertion that a large motivator for change are the disgust attacks, PewDiePie suggests that this does not often happen, and when it does, the user who goes up the video can simply hide the count I like it and I do not like it.

Usually, when that happens, it s when someone is being canceled, right? PewDiePie said when the videos are directed to those who do not like spam. «That function already exists. If you are attacking you a lot of things that I do not like, remove the bar of I do not like it. They are solving a problem that no longer needed to be fixed ».

PewDiePie concluded by admitting that he is not sure how the change will develop, but at this moment YouTube is tilting towards the change unnecessary.

I am willing to admit that I do not know what the result will be, so it does not make sense to get angry about that, said PewDiePie. It remains to be seen, but it s like, well, if it s not broken, why fix it, right?

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