Buddy Pass, New Lower Price, and Special Offers | Rainbow Six Extraction

Less than a month ago Ubisoft updated its official website with a new release date for Extraction Rainbow Six, which is the next cooperative shooting game set in the Universe of Rainbow Six. However, the release date appeared on the website without any other Ubisoft announcement, which caused some to believe that the date could have been incorrect in some way. However, thanks to a new publisher update this week, this release date of Rainbow Six has now been confirmed.

Advertised together with a new trailer, Ubisoft recently revealed that Extraction Rainbow Six will officially come to stores at the beginning of next year, on January 20. The game will come to all PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms and also feature cross-game, which means that players can experience Extraction, with others outside their own platform. In addition, Ubisoft also revealed that the title will now be sold at a lower cost than expected. Specifically, the standard version of the game will only cost $39.99.

To accompany all this new information, Extraction Rainbow Six will also have what Ubisoft calls Buddy Pass. Two of these passes will be delivered to all players who comprise Extraction, with those passes that allow players to invite their friends to experience the game with them. The passes will allow to play those who receive the tab. Extraction Rainbow Six for two full weeks without having to buy the game directly. After this period, if a player decides that he would like to buy the full experience, all the progress he has accumulated will be transferred. In general, this is a great way for Ubisoft attempting to make sure that you attract a lot of players to see Extraction Rainbow Six once it falls.

What are you thinking about? Extraction Rainbow Six Based on everything that has been shown so far? Are you going to resume the game for yourself? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12 if you want to chat anymore.