The former Bundesliga player Garry Dembélé has talked about alleged practices with pills during his time at the SC Freiburg.


In Germany, I had a small box with my number on it, the number 11, that was my number. I had about ten pills I should take after workout, Dembélé said about his experiences in Freiburg in the Roku series DESTINY ARISES (broken destiny) of the French newspaper L Equip.

These had been huge pills, the meanwhile 35-year-old Frenchman, who ran Seven times for the national team Mali s, continued: I do not know what that was. And if you did not take them, you ve got a penalty. The SC Freiburg did not comment on Dembélé statements so far. According to information that the picture is available, the allegations are wrong.

That a high drug consumption in professional football is not exceptional, he has already learned before changing Germany, told the former striker.

At his Bulgarian stations Locomotive Provide and Lew ski Sofia he got to Europe League Games infusions. He does not have the slightest idea, which was their content.

The only thing I can guarantee: When I signed in Germany, I had things in my body that were not allowed in Germany. When I arrived in Germany, I was doped. I had hormones in me, Dembélé said.

Dembélé: It s the truth

His experiences had destroyed his image of professional football, he continued, That does not invite you to dream, but it s the truth, so it s easy. People see the football on TV, but if you re in the middle of it, a little career has made and the business knows, then it is a very difficult environment.

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Dembélé changed in 2011 from Sofia to Freiburg and got there three years under contract. In 2013, however, he was awarded for a year to China. From April 2014 he was universe and moved to Dubai in the subsequent summer.