Final Fantasy XIV was a 2010 enormously multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for Microsoft Windows, created as well as released by Square Enix. It was the original version of the fourteenth access generally Final Fantasy collection and also the 2nd MMORPG in the series after Final Fantasy XI. Embed in the fantasy world of Korea, players took control of a customized character as they discover the land and also were captured up in both an invasion by the aggressive Gar lean Realm and the risk of the primal, the deities of the land s beast men people. Ultimately, they were involved in a plot by a Gar lean Legates to damage the primal by bringing one of the world s moons down on Korea.
The game had actually been in development given that 2005 under the code name Rapture, and also was announced in 2009 for Windows and also the PlayStation 3 computer game console. It worked on Square Enix s Crystal Tools middleware engine, which was adapted to match the game s specifications. Throughout advancement, the group rollovered numerous visual aspects from Final Fantasy XI while trying to produce something that based on its own. Because of numerous elements, the advancement was beset by troubles that would later on have radical impacts on the game. Efforts to bring the game to Xbox 360 gaming consoles failed because of disagreements with Microsoft about the use of Xbox Live.
After its alpha test and a postponed beta examination, the game went reside on September 30, 2010 (September 30, 2010), staying energetic until its web servers were closed on November 11, 2012 (November 11, 2012). At launch, the game was consulted with an unfavorable action: while the graphics and songs were applauded, other elements were unanimously panned, including the gameplay, user interface, and the general impression of the game being incomplete. Critic as well as fan reaction caused Square Enix to put on hold membership fees, indefinitely delay the PlayStation 3 variation, and also replace the growth group leadership, with Naomi Yeshiva as manufacturer and also director. Yeshiva made a decision to make low renovations before the game s shutdown, eventually changing it with a new variation initially subtitled A Realm Reborn, which met a favorable reception upon its release.

As final Fantasy XIV going in 2021? As you descend on a best? And what has the game with subscription requirement at all? We answer these questions by Mango in this article.

The success story of Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most exciting in the gaming industry. The once unplayable mess that is called version 1.0, was after the reboot a solid MMORPG that was getting better with time and spans now 3 large add-ons.

The last add-on Shadow Bringers launched two years ago and was not only praised for extremely smooth launch, but is also the best-rated FFI add-on become on Metacritic. And the latest add-on End walker, relates to a release on December 7, now on the doorstep.

8 years after the release is worth Final Fantasy XIV thus still in top condition and for veterans like newcomers quite a glance. Therefore, it is a perfect candidate for Find Your Next Game.

What is Final Fantasy XIV?

So the gameplay works: If you have any add-ons that you have in the game, the choice of eight nations and 17 different classes of FFI that will be familiar to veterans of the FF series. You can, for example, a ninja such as Shadow of FFI or black magicians like Lulu from FIX. Also, with the release of the add-on End walker there will be two new Jobs: the reaper and the way

Classes are called in Final Fantasy XIV as jobs. Out of combat or most instances you can also freely switch between them. For that you have to create just the right weapon. This automatically your status values ​​and skills that you can use in the fight to change.

FFI also uses the so-called Tab-targeting system. That is, you have the enemy in the fight firmly targeted and does not need such skills with your aim, as is the case with action combat systems. The maximum level is currently at 80 and increases with End walker on 90th

This content s: FFI is a very classic theme park MMORPG and not reinventing the wheel here again. It offers:

Raids and dungeon for groups of 4, 8 or 24 players
Story content that is told by many main and side quests
An in-depth crafting system
The casino Gold Saucer with mini-games like Triple Triad, Mahjong or Chicago Breeding
PVP with different modes for small arenas fights and great battles
Creative activities such as a photo mode or composing music as a bard

This content will be increased at regular updates constantly with new content that is about to go online every 3-4 months and would not entail additional costs.

As is financed FFI? The business model of FFI is pay-to-play. This means that ye must buy the game and the benefits first. If you then want to play more than a month, you have to take out a subscription, which is a month at 10.99 or €12.99.

There is also a cash shop that sells many, mostly cosmetic content. These include mounts, companion, Outfits of NPCs or music.

The only exceptions are the Jump potions and agents. The Potions bring your characters to level 70 and allow you to skip the long story of FFI.

The level-up potions cost €21.75 for a class at level 70th
The story skips cost between €9,75 and €21,75 — Depending on how many add-ons you want to skip.

The assistants give you more space in the warehouse, where you put your stuff store can. 2 assistants is available for free from the battlefield, each other costs €1.40.

How to rise in Final Fantasy XIV one after 8 years?

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It can often be intimidating for new players to join an MMORPG that has been around for many years in the market. But let you not be put off.

To facilitate your FFI started: The MMORPG is designed to make the transition as easy as possible for new players. The difficulty is in the beginning very low, and you can, you calmly look around in the game. You can the game in your own pace and play it forces you no one to hurry up urgently to get quickly into the endgame.

The tutorial system will show you at any new mechanics and each new feature an explanatory text.
The main scenario quests are the common thread that leads you through all areas of the game and tells the story of FFI. These quests are required.
The Beginners Arena teaches you the basics of combat and gives you the same good gear for your first dungeon run.
In the Freshman chat her your questions to experienced mentors can ask players, and they will always be answered friendly (almost). The chat is multilingual, so you do not have to necessarily write in English.
The Guild Leader NPCs tell you the basics of your classes.
You get in the game is also a green offspring icon that identifies you as a newcomer. This allows other players can see directly that you may need in a dungeon explanation of mechanics.

In general, the community holds for Final Fantasy XIV as helpful. It is therefore advisable to look in forums and on social media after connection, so you have someone right from the start, you can send questions to you.

There is a free trial version: If you only times spend money like, you can try, which there is Steam, Mac and PC PS4 for the test version. This was massively expanded in 2020 to include the whole base game A Realm Reborn and the first add-on Heaven Ward.

The maximum level of the test version is 60 of 80. You play along with regular players on the same servers, and have access to all the content that they have to offer the base game and Heavenward. You can you in the large amount of content can all the time, because the trial version is not time limited.

But there are other restrictions. You can, for example, no guilds to join, do not sell things in the market board or whisper no other people private. All about the contents can be found here:

Is it possible to catch up with the veterans One of the concerns of new players that are hardly in old MMORPGs a chance to catch up with the veteran players — or at least not without sacrificing a lot of time for it. This is not the case with FFI.

You can the game in your own pace play. The old contents with low levels are kept up to date by daily bonuses and still often used by experienced players. So you will not be in the situation are that for days no one found who would run with you a story- or leveling dungeon. Usually the queues rarely last for such content longer than 20-30 minutes.

In addition, a catch-up system ensures that you can quickly and simple improve your equipment:

After the completion of certain milestones such as story or job-quests her suitcase with sound equipment get
The in-game currency of Allagischen stones can easily be farmed in dungeons and dailies and exchanged heavy armor
While you get the strongest Gear of heavy raids, but non-Raider get the chance aufzustufen their equipment a few months later without epic raids, and fall by not too far back.

But if you want to go directly into the endgame as quickly as possible, then FFI provides the option of so-called Jump potions. They allow you to bring a desired class immediately at level 70 and skip all the required quests. But they cost for this, as already mentioned, additional money.

Wen For FFI is interesting?

If ye have then decided to play FFI over time, you can expect a wide range of content. There is content for hardcore players who are on raids, and for people who prefer cozy and casual way.

Japanese style: In FFI is a Japanese MMORPG, and it shows at first glance. The stylized graphics are colorful compared to Western games like WoW or Elder Scrolls clean and. It offers an aesthetic that is typical of many Japanese games.

As playable races there are, for instance, people with cat ears and tails and women with rabbit ears. So if you find this kind of optics cool, then you will find something in FFI. Friends of orcs and undead will be but rather disappointed.

Much Story: Fans of long stories that are beginning to develop, will feel at home in Final Fantasy XIV. It starts small and works its way up to conflicts of gigantic proportions as for J-RPGs or games is also typical with deep story like Dragon Age.

The story has you doing everything — from political intrigue and betrayal, beloved over death NPCs, to epic battles for your lives. But most important are the moral questions posed by the story of you and which are fantasy games Final in the tradition of.

Do children and grandchildren have to pay for the severe guilt of their fathers?
Can the cruel and sad past of a person justify their crimes?
The purpose really tells the means?

The history of FFI stands on an eye level with the beloved classics of the series and other J-RPGs, which have become known for their exciting stories.

Beginner-friendliness For MMORPG newbies: Even if you are completely new in the MMORPG genre, then you should give FFI a chance. The learning curve is very low and well suited for newcomers, as it is quasi impossible to betray.

At the beginning you do not have to read forever guides to builds or skills for the jobs, but can be directly with the board that appears fun. In the meta of FFI no job is completely useless, and you will not throw from a group because you have the wrong job.

So if you want to snap into the genre as an MMORPG newcomer, then Final Fantasy XIV is a good option. For veterans who already know all tricks, the entry can also feel sluggish and less exciting.

Little PVP: An Open World PVP does not even exist with the consent of the participating players, and it will never come according to the statement of the boss. PVP fights are held in arenas and instances.

Although there are several modes such as the big front battles or rival wings, reminiscent of a MOB from the principle, but they did not manage to enforce themselves. The waiting times for a match can therefore be really long.

If PVP does not matter to you in an MMORPG and you prefer to focus on EVE content, then FFI is just right for you. PVP fans, however, will not be happy with the game.

Creative occupations: For the creative heads that do not only want to follow the given content, there are photo modes in FFI and the composition.

In the photo mode called / GPS, the players can make screenshots of screenshots and get different filters and overlays from the game. You can capture his character in a cool pose or impaired a beautiful sunset.

The developers also continue to build this mode by adding new features and filters. For example, you can go in dungeons, for example, and run various skills to the fantastic level 3 limit breaks, which are then captured in cool screenshots.

The composition is aimed at fans of music. As Bard, you can call a menu in FFI, in which you can play notes on different instruments. Correctly savvy players close up in groups and organize complex concerts.

This feature also continues to build the team by introducing new music instruments and improved interface. Also, the developers try to steadily reduce the delay between the key input and the playback of the sound.

That awaits you in the endgame

Heavy endgame content : Who seeks challenge, will find in the epic, extreme and ultimate boss struggles. These raids differ from those who knows about WOW.

They consist of several boss fights that run in succession and are held in groups of 8 people. The Mainspring principle applies. This means that the mechanics have to be performed correctly behind each other by the whole group correctly. Otherwise, all fail how to jump in common jump.

New epic raids are introduced into the game about every 6 months.
Extreme boss fights are at least once per patch, about every 3-4 months.
Ultimate, so the heaviest boss fighting at all, come at irregular intervals. But it should give 2 per extension.

Larger Raids for 24 players are also available, but they are usually not very difficult.

Detailed crafting system : The hobbyists and craftsmen can lose themselves in the crafting system of FFI, which is considered one of the most sophisticated in MMORPGs. Each craftsman is considered a class with its own tool, armor and skills.

To make your own items, you have to use different skills in a rotation while crafting, as you do that with battle classes. The cleverer uses your skills, the higher the quality of the item will end up.

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Although you can go straight to Level 1 with crafting, but it is fascinating it will be on high levels, if you have all the skills. There are also crafting books with special recipes that you can only unlock at Level 80.

The Crater get new content regularly. It is not just about new recipes, but from supply contracts for which they are to bring NPCs Items with particularly high quality. Currently, the Crater celebrate all servers to was building the Housing area of ​​Asgard in which they had to make countless items and deliver to NPCs to a devastated area rebuild.

Housing system with a lot of furniture : The Housing is based in large instances where the houses of the players form a great neighborhood. The lucky owners can make their homes according to their preferences and decorate with the much furniture from the game.

The houses are popular with role players, because they can be transformed into different settings. There are bars, boutiques, hotels or cafés where meet the players and be able to operate RPG. They are also sometimes used for huge events such as parties, impress even as some former WoW streamer.

The Housing you are also gameplay advantages. Can guild airships and manufacture submarines and send them on expeditions to obtain rare materials. In the garden of the houseplants can be grown that are valuable for crafting.

But for new players it is not easy to get to your own house. Even the little houses can cost several million to Gil, you only have to scrape together. For the furniture you need either a lot of money or its Crater classes must level up. Therefore, Housing also falls more into the endgame category.

What about the future of Final Fantasy XIV?

Eight years after the reboot is doing very well FFI. Although Square Enix has registered a decline in net sales, a sharp increase active subscriber numbers by 32.5% compared to the previous year was specified (via massively op) in the MMORPG in the financial report to investors.

It is now therefore not a game that is fighting for its survival, but a title that has managed to establish itself in the heavy gaming environment.

What does the near future? On December 7 FFI released its fourth extension End walker that will be playable for pre-order starting at 3 December.

The add-on brings a large amount of new content with himself and to be the largest expansion to date, according to the director Naomi Yeshiva. End walker completes the big story arc to the gods Madelyn and Zodiac running for over 10 years. There are also:

A new raid for eight people in normal and epic
Two new jobs reaper, and Weiser
Several new areas
A number of new dungeons
Prizefighting Anima from FIX
Tons of new equipment, cosmetic items and other items
New content for collectors and artisans and more

It s like you know them in size a complete J-RPG, from single-player Final Fantasy titles or other Japanese RPGs.

All about End walker found in our Info-Hub:

What does the distant future? But even in the long run, the developers of FFI much before. In addition to the finishing cuts of End walker they are working on the next big content patch 6.1, which is to bring a 24-player raid, the major revision of PVP and the casual content Sanctuary Iceland, reminiscent of Jurassic Park.

Generally FFI is loud Yeshiva not soon come to an end. Currently, the team plans to the year 2024 and the upward trend in subscriber numbers is expected to ensure that the MMORPG is on the market for several years.

Even the director Yeshiva looking around for ways to bring his game to new platforms. So the head of Xbox Phil Spencer has stressed that he is working to bring FFI on the Xbox. In interviews End walker Yeshiva confirmed that the works go on it, and the fans should not give up hope of an Xbox release.

strengths and weaknesses of Final Fantasy XIV


Regular large content updates
Versatile Content
Ongoing storyline that is praised by critics
Crisp epic and ultimate Raids
Sophisticated crafting system
Unlimited Cross Play between all platforms
PS4 and PS5 players do not need a PS Plus


Sluggish Start, Early Game is not very exciting
Little diversity in the spec and the selection of Endgame Armor
Long way to Endgame
The character creator is rather limited