Certain opponents in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are currently being done on creative species and ways. The clips resulting from, can hardly be exceeded for absurdity. We show you the best videos.

BREATH OF THE WILD: Link keeps Yoga fool

The enemy Yoga clan in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it is known that its members like to tire as normal civilians to attack links then at a moment of surprise. For this, as a game, you only have a conversation with the ~~ striking ~~ — um, of course with the well-disguised — figures. In this, then they drop all sheaths and turn themselves before your eyes to attack you.

Now Zelda fans make a fun of a fun and prepare their attacks on the Yoga Incognito before they even have a chance to attack first. How it works? For example, using the Stasis module. In the following clip you see how a Reddit user places a huge stone right next to the opponent and so prepared that he immediately scraped the wannabe ninja immediately, as soon as the conversation is finished:

New is the trend not necessarily. In recent years, there was always time again Creative Imp laces of players and players around the Yoga to make life difficult. So, for example, some of them had thrown their sword so perfectly in the air that it lands at the impact on the opponent:

Others have shot down their arrows so that they immediately powder the opponents:

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And the whole sadistic links have simply set the Yoga in flames to watch them slowly in dying:

It is always amazing how creative breath-of-the-wild fans are. Even today, new and old fans are always innovative ways to torture their opponents, or open chests that should never be opened. The latter is recently made: subsequent Zelda profit succeeded:

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