Game Spark and Archipel, which works with a number of creator artists, has released the fourth video of Platinum Game s Cutscenes in the Youtube channel Cutscenes. The fourth is the content of the representative of Mr. Kamiya Odami episode. From the original surprising episode, from the original surprising episode, I also talked about the following after the fans.

  1. Long interview with Kamiyuki Kamiyuki s career.

  2. Why Biohazard 4 became Devil May Cry -Indition on the back of the stage that Kamiya Hiroki says and after the stage [Cutscenes]

  3. What is the mission that Mr. Shinji Sanjo is imposed on Beautiful Joe ending and Shinji Mikami? 【Cutscenes】

In this video, we started from the story of the clover studio established as a subsidiary of Capcom once. Mr. Kamiya looked back at that time if the project s signboard title and the project that started to wear it. Just promoting the development of Beautiful Joe Sanki Shinji was a remake version of Biohazard that he was in a directory. Mr. Kamiya, who looked at the video representation, felt great and it seems that he would like to challenge the photoreal work itself.

What is the same vector as Biohazard that has been pushed with dark directions as a horror work, but if it is firmly drawn the photoreal representation in the bright direction…… It was said that it was the first concept of Daichi. It is also a concept that it was a concept that it would be a game that makes a game that heals the heart and healing the heart, and it is also in the country of Nagano Prefecture, which is also the roots of Mr. Kamiya, also to the game from this stage. It is said.

However, the drawing ability of PS2 can not be created by Mr. Kaya, and it is said that development was difficult from prototypes. At that time, looking back to what the designer has written up the main character and Amateras with a Japanese drawing, and the entire field was imagined if it was created by this touch. However, since the game axis does not constant from there, development did not progress well. A preducture, an episode, who is a producer, who is a leading development, and the hardship until we will create a game system until we will be playing. Please see the video for details.

Even if it is longer from the release, it is Daichi that the evaluation is high, but we asked the story about the sequel that the voice of the domestic and foreign users did not do. Mr. Kamiya was a new IP fate, but from time to the time I was developing the story while keeping in the story while keeping the story while being aware of the sequel. At the time of releasing, I was not thinking about leaving Capcom, and I was talking that I left in the event of the development staff could be taken to the world.

Even though it is not a successful business at the time of releases, evaluations at home and abroad continue to grow even after release, and HD remaster Great God Books that can be played in the current environment is also released. Based on the current situation, I have not responded to the user s voice for the launch of various things. There is a thought that I left in myself, and someday I want to do it someday.

Next week I am planning to publish an interview video that focused on Bayonetta. looking forward to.

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