Evil Hunter Tycoon is an upcoming Casual Sim game of SuperPlanet, where player becomes a boss of a destroyed city that you need to rebuild. It will be available on March 31 for both iOS and Android.

The city is also a place where hunter can live. So you have to set up various facilities such as pubs, inns and restaurants to offer you after a long hunting places you can go. It is also important that you have good items with which you can equip them, as the success of the city depends on how well the hunters can intercept.

You have control of which hunters can live there by adding the setting and discharge. You must consider all different classes, personalities and skills before they draw into your city. If you feel like you are missing in a specific area, you can build an academy to further improve it.

Build cities in a dungeon - Evil Hunter Tycoon Gameplay on Android/IOS

Here you can learn additional skills, properties and secret techniques, which gives you a reasonable amount of freedom of choice over your build. As soon as a Hunter Level 10 has reached, he can be reborn, making it more powerful and getting access to additional properties and a new class.

There are also PVP elements for those who want to test their skills against other players. You can challenge the hunters of another city in the Coliseum directly or attack boss-raids with other players, giving them a variety of rewards.

If you prepare for Evil Hunter Tycoon, you earn 20,000 gold, 100 gems and more when you log in to the game. If you are interested in all this, you can now do this on the website AppStore or Google Play before the expected publication on March 31st. It will be a free game with in-app purchases.

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