One of the biggest horror games disappointed many to Halloween.dead by Daylight has little to offer on this special party.

Halloween is just the golden time of the year for horror fans. There is also available from appropriate horror games that they run according to Great guns to Halloween and organize great ingame events. However, this is only partly successful at Dead by Daylight. Many players are disappointed with the event and also the lack of codes for the shop ensures frustration.

What is the Halloween Event in Dead by Daylight? There is a Halloween event in Dead by Daylight, where you can players:

Earn a handful of new Cosmetics about Challenges.
Pumpkins destroy a few blood points and buffs or debuffs.
Through sacrifices to increase their gain in bloodpoints a little.

In addition, there are various thematic objects, such as flashlights that create a light beam with spirit symbol or medi-kits with neon green color.

What do the players want? Above all, more bloodpoints. A multiplier for bloodpoints is the biggest incentive for many players. This not only ensures that more items such as offerings and perks can be purchased, but also gives an incentive to play new characters. In addition, the grind for newcomers is extremely hard, which always need such a boost again to be able to grasp foot in the game.

Because the cost of activating all PERKS will continue to increase with each patch when new Perks are added.

Basically, the mood in the forums is rather negative. Although it is recognized that the developers have tried a few new things, but so satisfied seems to be the majority of people – at least in the subreddit of Dead by Daylight -. One would like to have wanted more, after all, Halloween is probably the most important day for horror franchises.

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So Pukebags writes in the subreddit of Dead by Daylight:

The is disappointing. For a game with the horror legends, I would think that they make Halloween especially especially, it is literally the season for this type of game.

However, some players also note that there was certainly something, such as the bonus blood points when logging in:

I believe that we have received a total of 967,698 blood points this year when you count the login bonus and the blood points codes.

ES is still very disappointing that we have not got a double bloodpoint weekend and nothing on the day Halloween. Maybe there is more if the event ends, but I would not hope for that.

How do you find the Halloween event in Dead by Daylight? Are you satisfied with what is there? Or would you have expected more?