Caution: The adhering to includes major spoilers for Army of Thieves ( as well as Army of the Dead ). Reverse currently if you haven t watched the motion pictures on Netflix!.

Supposition concerning Army of the Dead s time loop has been swirling ever considering that the film struck Netflix– so, naturally, you might be asking yourself if Army of Thieves feeds right into this timeline anomaly. While the movie doesn t straight reference the theory, Dieter does have some oddly pythonic desires…

We ve got a refresher course on that time loop listed below, as well as a description of how Dieter s problems harmonize the concept. Below s exactly how Army of Thieves could connect to among Army of the Dead s largest enigmas.

What is the moment loop?

Army of the Dead is chockablock with ideas that this isn t the first time the staff has actually attempted this particular heist. At one factor, Vanderohe even mentions to Dieter that some dead bodies are putting on clothing that look a lot like the ones put on by their fellow heisters. It might be us in one more timeline and also we re caught in some unlimited loophole of battling as well as dying and also battling and also dying, he states. Take a look at our full break down of the theory and also all its hints here.

time loop+ rested down with Snyder to discuss Army of Thieves, and also he teased that the moment loop will certainly turn up in Army of the Dead 2: I m a significant follower of this mythical understory, and what it does to the safes, [Hiroyuki Sanada s personality] Bly Tanaka, all your time loop enjoyable that you can have, there s a great deal of great improvements that are baked in currently, he informed us. I can not wait to make the sequel to Army of the Dead, to ensure that we can see how after that all of those things manifest..

Does Army of Thieves consist of the time loop?

Not precisely. No clear referral is made to the moment loop, yet there is something fascinating about Dieter s headaches of the undead crowds. If you ve seen Army of the Dead, you ll recognize the safe-cracker shows up to meet his death by Alpha zombie Zeus outside the Götterdämmerung secure in Las vega. We do not actually see Dieter pass away, though, and also Zack Snyder has actually hinted that he simply could have survived– as well as might be component of the follow up.

When Dieter mentions his dreams to Gwen as well as Korina, the cyberpunk says something that might end up being really significant. Perhaps they re prophecies, not dreams, she claims. Possibly you saw your very own death..

If Dieter s nightmares are prophesying his eventual destiny in Army of the Dead (or at the very least, what can have occurred to him in one timeline, otherwise the movie as we saw it) then that could be attached to whatever is creating the loop. In some way, Dieter appears to be having feelings, especially thinking about one headache sees him fracture a secure with zombies at his back, with one ordering him from behind after he gets involved in the vault– which is essentially what takes place to him in Army of the Dead.

ARMY of THIEVES: NEW Time Loop Theory, ARMY OF THE DEAD 2 Clues & Ending Explained!

Or, as Gwen states, he could simply be having nightmares since zombies are terrifying. We ll simply have to wait up until Army of the Dead 2 to discover out for sure…

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