Early access (in English: Early Access) is a method of financing and development of video games. Early access games can be purchased and installed before being completed.
Early access usually allows developers to get returns from players before launching the game and getting funds before the final marketing resort to a publisher. It is therefore a part of participatory financing. Although it is originally designed for small independent studios, this model has also been used by larger publishers, such as Ubisoft for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.
This method of financing has had some success, one of which one of the most striking examples is Minecraft. He has since been popularized by the STEAM platform, which has set up an early access system in 2013. Despite some successes, the Steam system has been criticized for the lack of guarantees given to the buyer. Indeed, some games proposed were abandoned by their developers, who ceased or practically ceased to update them, while buyers had paid for it at full price.
An investigation conducted in November 2014 by the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research revealed that on that date, only 25% of early access games had entered their final versions. Early access games were more selling at a more expensive price, on average than the day of their official release.

At the start of the Early Access, Medieval Dynasty was already on everyone s lips. Since then, a lot of time has passed and the full version is now ready. We give you an overview of what everything has done and what the developers are still projecting after releasing!

Version has been available since September 23, 2021. Thus, the developers thus publish the full version, which was promised to start the early access version.

There has been a lot done compared to the Early Access. Both with the features, as well as the operation. In our test, we have also tested the full version on heart and kidneys to find out what the game has on it.

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  1. 1 renewals in the full version
  2. 2 Meansful supplements
  3. 3What brings the future?

Innovations in the full version

Finally more freedoms! Thanks to a well, you would not have to build your village in the vicinity of a source of water Source: PC Games But let s start with the most important innovations in the most important game element: your village and everything belongs to it. For example, for example, there were often water scarcity in the villages. This problem has solved the developers with a fountain. Finally you have more freedoms and do not have to build your village near a river. Or worse, walk through half the valley, just to get water. Thanks to new buildings like the kitchen, you can also take the production of soups and Co. from the villagers.

So that you can make your home cheerful, there are now several new furniture that you can withdraw creatively. Who is that still not enough, he can arm with a pickaxe and go down into the caves. In addition to salt, you will also find ozz like iron, copper and tin. From the collected ores, you can finally produce improved tools in the blacksmith.

Another and often desired feature were the bandits before release. They have finally made it into play with the full version on September 23. But they only go to the player s character. Villagers and structures leave you well alone. If you do not feel like it, you can easily switch off Banditenlager in the settings.

This fluffy four-legged friend will be useful to you on your adventure. He can not only wear a lot, but is also super cute. Source: PC Games Also at the wildlife has done a lot. The developers have introduced new animals. These include, for example, Dachse and Elche. And to shorten the Öde Rennerei a bit, there are also horses and donkeys in the special offer. The donkey has not only a larger fluff factor, but can also carry more and is a bit cheaper. But he is also slower than the horse.

Speaking of annoying racing. In the Early Access there was sometimes the problem that you had to search for animals or appropriate dealers for a long time. Also for this problem, there is now a solution: every villager will now betray you where to find specific dealers and mark the hunters for you for a small fee certain species on the map.

History in Medieval Dynasty (Buy Now 19.90 € / 23.99 €) Still plays a supporting role. Nevertheless, something has happened here. The main quests around Alwin and uncertainty have been significantly improved, especially the bugs were removed here. Sambor and Dobroniega have now even gotten their own story. Of the annoying repairs in your village you say goodbye now! The builder takes over as a new NPC profession for you the annoying repair of the buildings. Everything he needs for that are sufficient materials.

Many meaningful supplements

With pickaxe in one and torch in the other hand, it goes on cave tour. From the deracs collected there, you can then produce improved tools Source: PC Games However, the developers have not only installed new game content, but also improved old ones. On the subject of Quality-of-Life enhancements, the developers have bothered and belongs to the feedback of the community. So seasons can now skip after three days and some entries in the knowledge journal have small tutorial videos.

Even on the management system for the villagers, the developers have worked diligently. Here you can now see the food and water requirement of your villagers, or even the number of workers available. Overall, the operability has improved significantly.

One of the best changes in the area of ​​Quality of Life is the detailed adjustment menu. This leaves nothing to be desired. At the beginning of a game run, you have the opportunity to change every little detail. You can set, for example, the length of the seasons or the amount of taxes. The activation of cheats is also possible.

For example, this includes fast crafts . With the cheat, you no longer produce every item individually, but all at once – saves time and nerves. If you want to exhaust you through the menus, then simply chooses one of the default difficulty levels. Unfortunately, the settings can not be changed later.

What brings the future?

You see, it has done a whole lot. But instead of going in the well-deserved vacation, the developers have planned a lot and presented a roadmap for the time after release.

This year, a third-person perspective will be introduced and in the first quarter of the next year will follow further content in the form of decorations, birds and windmills. The name-thinking dynasty aspect of the game should also get a higher priority. In the future, it should be possible to go into new quests and special dialogues with our heirs on adventure.
The roadmap shows what the developers plan to 2022. A multiplayer does not seem to be there. Source: Steam / Toplitz Productions For the rest of 2022, the introduction of armor, shields and coats of arms is planned. In addition, porting of the game for various consoles should also appear. More specifically, the developers do not reveal here, but promise that soon further updates follow.

On the subject of multiplayer, the developers are rather careful. In a discussion in the community area on Steam, the developers said that multiplayers are not yet off the table, but the team just works on other things. Not just a satisfying statement. The roadmap also shows no plans for a coop mode. The fans must continue to bend around the long-hoped multiplayer.

In over a year Early Access, the developers were hardworking and improve their game even in the future. In addition, they are in constant exchange with the community and regularly go to the ideas and wishes of the fans. That s very exemplary and there a few other developers can chop a slice. We are curious how long the journey continues in the Middle Ages and what the developers are still projecting.

Source: Toplitz Productions, Steam

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