On October 21, 2021, the Spanish developers Novarama published their cooperative action role-playing Killsquad for PC and officially ended the Early Access after more than two years. On Steam, a launch discount of 15 percent will be granted to the regular sales price until 28 October (16.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros). The user reviews made so far are largely positive , which even very positive the last 30 days.

In the game description it says: Welcome to KillsQuad: a co-op action game, the twin-stick shooter, hack and slash and drops connects with a pinch character adjustment and progress. Join us on a journey to five planets full of enemies, the They have to destroy. Choose your hero, choose your skills, weapons, equipment and talismans, and unleash hell through waves of relentless enemies and scary bosses.

KillsQuad offers a hectic, direct, capability-oriented control on keyboard or gamepad. Shoot fast, switch off quickly or die faster. Our core are short, 10-20-minute adrenaling unloaded contracts that you can enjoy alone or with up to 4 friends in the co-op. So it feels a bit like a twin stick shooter. Or a hack and slash. Or a top-down dungeon crawler. Or a science fiction ball oil. Well, it feels like Killsquad. And it s a lot of fun to play alone or with others.

The Problem With Early Access Games...

Killsquad offers five hero classes to choose from, each with their own weapons and skills. These combine melee and ranged characters to fit different play styles. During your adventure, you can buy and equip powerful upgrades for each of your skills that will be activated during your contracts. And if you survive, challenge your bounty to spend it for tons of new equipment such as weapons, power-ups and equipment or cosmetics.

Fight on the campaign card through +30 contracts and visit five planets. Get in with your friends or another bounty hunter. You can come to help from another squad by connecting him to real time in the middle of the mission. Cooperate to complete each contract, or contact each other to achieve the highest score numbers.

Get weapons and equipment with unique features that influence the skills of your hero. Earn the confidence of unseen by finding your talismans: strong and complex artifacts with exciting passive effects. But be careful, these skills are at first harmful, but by effort and killing many monsters can rise to mighty objects. Use everything in combination with your skills and upgrades to create groundbreaking builds and make heroes to your own.

But this party would not be complete without the main course: the enemies. Hordes and waves of disturbing enemies will make their way to you and claws and bite until nothing left. But do not worry, it will be fine. They are the bosses they let tremble. More than 15 bosses will put you on the test, each with different mechanics and unique opportunities to be defeated.

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