Gavin McGregor Rossdale (born October 30, 1965 in London) is a British musician, songwriter and Frontman the rock band Bush.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best games launched in the past generation and surely it will take many years until you can enjoy a new delivery, but Rockstar has put so much effort that after several years since its release there are still some mysteries Unresolved, and one of them is the secondary character Gavin , which allegedly exists but nobody has seen.

And is that there are many theories about Gavin, a certain secondary character who is lost in the vast Red Dead Redemption 2, but that it is likely that RockStar has forgotten to include. However, there will come a moment in the adventure in which you are with a handsome English gentleman who is looking for the friend of Him Gavin.

When we get to a very particular moment of history, we will find a very well-dressed character that will begin to ask you with great insistence on her friend Gavin, something that apparently seems a secondary mission but does not unlock anything in the adventure.

Although people dedicate themselves to killing this Englishman to read the letter he carries in his pocket and who refers to him Gavin s friend, he does not grant any conclusive track to know if this secondary character really exists.

Now in Reddit, DOnturnaround1 claims to have found poor Gavin dead with a shot on the chest , in particular at the beginning of chapter 6

Explain that vi an x ​​that marked a corpse and went to look. When I got there, there was a character who got off his horse to look at the body. There was no special dialogue. The corpse, at least in dress, yes it looks like square, but nothing more.

Although this dead man pulled on the ground can be any other secondary character, yes the thread in Reddit has become viral with a multitude of comments from people who seem to agree.

In any case, apparently Gavin does not exist, and many say that Nigel (the NPC looking for Gavin) has some kind of personality disorder. On the other hand, there are also no references to Gavin in the game code so the presence of it is non-existent.

On the reason for the existence of Nigel looking for the friend of Him Gavin, it is likely that Rockstar has forgotten to complete this little narrative and remains the mystery forever.