On October 14, 2021, Two Star Games and V Publishing have published the psychological horror match My Beautiful Paper Smile for PC and officially ended the Early Access after 16 months. On Steam, where the user reviews are up to date very positive , we granted a launch discount of ten percent to the regular retail price until 21 October (10.79 euros instead of 11.99 euros).

In the game description it says: My Beautiful Paper Smile is a story about children who are educated to be perfect. Every child who does not meet this appeal is removed from the authorities. You are one of the Joyous, the Joyful; a child who is part of this company. But you do not appreciate everything that was done for you. Why do not you see the immense good at which you have participated? Why do not you enjoy the sweet potential that can have perfection ?

The Problem With Early Access Games...

You do not want perfection. You want to flee. Dare beyond the locked doors of the cell and explore the huge facility in which you were held so long. Try an almost impossible escape. Get help from unknown units, switch out the authorities, switch out a supernatural monster, discover dark secrets and, above all, survive!

As features are mentioned:

ATED HAND-Drawn graphics

A unique, disturbing atmosphere
A profound story
Infree you and try to escape the official educational institution
Renne and hide before the faceless .
Lose voltage-release puzzles on the way to freedom
Decke the secret of the lost child
Find the reason for the company
Wear the dark secret behind the twisted plan of the authorities

Last updated video: Launch trailer