Len s Island will start on November 26, 2021 for PC and Mac in the Early Access on Steam. The game from the Australian Flow Studio is both action adventure and an island simulation with fighting, dungeons, construction and farm elements. So you can explore the game world with sword and backpack and / or build a house on the idyllic island and retract the harvest. The Action Adventure Island Sim-Mash-Up also promises depth of the said elements. It should cost 20.99 euros and two to three years stay at the Early Access – depending on success and ideas.

The Early Access version should only be the beginning of the journey. The list of early access features should be bulging , etc. There are plans for a multiplayer coop mode up to 2023. Previously, new quests and NPCs, further dungeons and an end boss are to be realized before. The Flow Studio also increasingly wants to expand history, add more content to build and farms as well as expand the combat content through new weapons such as bows and other special objects.

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