With undying, Vanimals and Skystone Games have a narrative zombie survival adventure in the making, which will appear 2021 in the Early Access for PC. On Steam you can already try a free demo of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch announced survival champion. In the game description, it is called: infected by a zombie bit, killings are counting days. She has to fight for survival, not for himself, but also for her little son Cody. Safe codys survive in one of zombies world-contaminated world by You protect him and add valuable skills to him, make sure what it wanted.

In this emotional survival game, you take control of implications, whose goal is to ensure that your son Cody is safe and can survive after being transformed. Limited resources must be managed to slow down killing infection while ensuring that both implications and cody do not die from hunger or thirst. Anling must teach her son surviving skills such as cooking, crafts and struggles before their own skills become weaker. However, it is quite possible that it starts in certain situations to rely on him. To survive this long journey, a perfect balance is needed between the search for resources and the expansion of codycy skills.

Cody is constantly learning through the actions of his mother, from the fight to cooking. Worried that he learns the foundations of survival before it is too late. Always start looking for materials. You never know which dealer is of use or what useful object you may be able to produce. The infection threatens answer again and again. Use your days and make the most of the time you still stay. You will continue to move forward, because time is not waiting for you. Create a world map that is unique for your game by removing yourself. Place strategically important places on the world map, while Idling is remember where they are. Never lose sight of what you are fighting for. Enjoy the small moments …

As features are mentioned:

Top-down-survival game incl. Day / night cycle in real time.
Player generated world map
Er rogue-like replayability
Beautiful low poly art style
The use of NPCs you can interact with
Motional story about survival and release
Show your son who is older, while your Ki partner learns from you
Unglen soundtrack

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