On October 13, 2021 have Ndemic Creations (Plague Inc), the political-military strategy game Rebel Inc: Escalation released for PC and the Early Access officially ended after two years. On Steam, where nearly 3,000 users reviews turn out very positive to date, a launch discount is ten percent off the regular retail price granted (13,49 € instead of 14,99 €) until 20 October.

In the game description reads:. In Rebel Inc .: Escalation is war over – but we all know that does not want to say much to stabilize a war-torn country, you need civil and military priorities to weigh to the hearts and minds of the people to win for you and at the same time to prevent a deadly uprising from taking power!

Rebel Inc .: Escalation, the successor of the worldwide mega-hit Plague Inc. 160 million players, has a deeply compelling, strategic challenge that modern of the complexities and consequences of counterinsurgency is inspired. It is used by international development experts highly praised and was even presented at a major international peace conference!

Rebel Inc .: Escalation is based on the original, highly acclaimed by critics Gameplay Rebel Inc. and offers many significant, no new features, enhanced music and 3D graphics for PC / Mac, an online multiplayer mode, and support for the Steam workshop.

As features are:

8 to be stabilized regions – Let s put you in very different strategic environments, including the idyllic farms of saffron field or the impenetrable forests of Distant Steppe . committed to maintaining work heaven Blue Dam before the uprising, or develop unique new strategies for drug trafficking in Opium path stop to gebieten.
8 unique President – Each of them has radical new skills that must be mastered. Choose the economist to the income of a year to get in one shot, or the warlord to a personal militia to be formed. Ride the tank commander the big guns on or use the smugglers the black market to your Vorteil.

Rebel Inc: Escalation 1.0 Launch
Hyperrealistisch – This inspired Afghanistan simulation is highly detailed and includes development initiatives from the real world and an innovative display of counter-insurgency tactics. She was praised by the World Bank and even vorgestellt. at a major international peace conference
Kampagnenmodus – Lead by a large scale operations in several regions. changing manage your resources carefully and select unique improvements in a resistant world with 150+ players tactics cards features and rebel tactics to the gameplay radical!
try Take control over the insurrection and to overthrow the government in the region of your opponent while trying to stabilize your own – Kontra multiplayer! The dynamically scaled difficulty ensures that players with varying skill a good, challenging game experience können.
Koop multiplayer – together Works to stabilize the same time two separate regions. Send your respective partner soldiers and resources to achieve your goals. Or start a co-op campaign with increasing Schwierigkeit.
Herausforderungsmodus – kick in random weekly challenges against the Steam Community at, including extra-heavy mode for the best Besten.
Benutzerdefinierte scenarios and scenario editor – out to play a world completely new possibilities with official and community-generated scenarios, or develop your own and share them over the Steam Workshop with other players. Who could possibly argue that state-building is difficult?
Fortschrittliche civil and military AI – Challenging Narrativalgorithmen simulate the needs of the local population, while deadly rebel attacks setzen. your operation constantly under pressure
Wunderschöne graphics – Stabilize a beautifully rendered 3D world that reacts to your actions and flourishes when you deliver works and services. Drone cameras and civil television channels bring your operation to life and show you what geschieht. on site

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