The opening of a new video game study is always good news, and when it comes from a well-known faces of the sector, it gives much more confidence to the players. Jeff Strain has announced one more, where he will surround veterans of the industry who have worked on well-known developers. Thus, the confusser of studies such as Arenanet and Undead Labs , creators of state of decay and acquired by Microsoft a few years ago, embarks on a new adventure for new projects.

The new study bears the name of Possibility Space , and in it are talents that have previously been part of Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Double Fine, Electronic Arts, Oculus or Valve, among others. Based in New Orleans, employees are allowed to live and work where they want, and they have the goal that the work environment is vibrant and inclusive, with a healthy work culture .

Fear and isolation have converted Possibility Space into a reality Jeff Strain We feel that it is time to create something new. A study that starts from scratch with the aim of encompassing the changing needs and perspectives of players and developers Strain comments in relation to the new panorama after the pandemic. Fear and isolation have converted Possibility Space into a reality. A modern study where we are creating a cheerful game that has been in my head for many years.

Jeff Strain s most recent work was in Undead Labs, which is at this time developing State of Decay 3 exclusively for Microsoft, after officially presented last year. The previous delivery of it is available at Xbox Game Pass, and has even continued to receive updates in recent months, such as the inclusion of the original state of decay in September.

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