1C Entertainment will send FORGIVE ME FATHER by byte barrel on October 26, 2021 in the Early Access – on Steam, Gog.com and other digital stores. The game is a cartoon-style retro horror shooter inspired by the works of Lovecraft. It should also fight against your own madness, the madness promises additional forces. As a playable characters, a priest or a journalist are available. Both figures should attract with their own skilltree and their own style.

Last updated video: Game Announcement Trailer

Features (according to the manufacturer):

Feeling of Classic FPS from the 90s: Timelapse Animations, Opponets and Elements of 2D in A 3D Environment; First Aid Kits and Life Points, Non Reloading Weapons, Powerups During Dynamic Combat with Numerous Opponets.
Custom Combat Experience: With Scripture in One Hand, Weapons Powered By Unknown Substance In The Other, The Player wants Face The Challenge of Maintaining Humanity. The Evolution of Equipment and Unpredictable Opponents AS Well as The Way to Defeat Them wants to be up to the Player.
Dynamic Level of Madness: Influencing Directly The Audio-Visual Experience and the Gameplay Itself, Which Increases Depending On Its Size.
The gameplay is represented by a comic book style: Hand-drawn Graphics Where Design is Maintained in A Distinctive Comic Book Style, Where Any Screenshot from the Game Can Be A Part Of The New Comic Book
Mood Straight from Lovecraft s Dark Novels: All of It Is Kept in A Horror Mood Where TRUTH MIXES With Madness, and a Sense of Hopelessness Confuses The Need to find the answers. Occultism and Eternal Evil.
MANY Climatic Levels and Varied Bestiary: A Diverse World Entirely Made by Hand, Full of Interesting Enemies from Possessed Inhabitants to Monsters from Your Worst Nightmares.
TWO HEROES TO CHOOSE FROM: EACH WITH THEIR OWN UNIQUE DEVELOPMENT TREE. Experience The Story From The Perspective of A Priest OR A Journalist.