Xbox Series X und Xbox Series S sind von Microsoft entwickelte stationäre Spielkonsolen und Nachfolger der Xbox One. Die Xbox Series X wurde auf der Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) am 9. Juni 2019 vorgestellt und die Xbox Series S wurde nach einem Leak am 8. September 2020 von Microsoft über Twitter offiziell bestätigt. Die Konsolen stehen in Konkurrenz zu Sonys Konsole PlayStation 5 sowie Nintendos (technisch allerdings deutlich schwächeren) Switch. Bis Juli 2021 verkauften sich weltweit über 6,5 Millionen Exemplare.

The Battlefield 2042 Beta is already available in the Early Access and opens the doors tomorrow for all players. So far, the beta was received with mixed feelings, the Movement and the numerous graphic bugs the most common criticisms are currently.

The beta status despite recorded a graphic comparison and graphics between Xbox and PlayStation compared.

The resolution of Battlefield 2042 is divided into the beta as follows:

Battlefield 2042 Beta resolution

Xbox Series X: Dynamic – 2160p with 60FPS
PlayStation 5: Dynamic – 2160p with 60FPS
Xbox Series: Dynamic – 1440p with 60FPS

The dynamic adjustments of the resolution has the PlayStation 5 in beta still a minimal advantage. In the frame rate, however, a downside and the Xbox Series X cuts here better.

In the reflections the PlayStation 5 also is left with the Xbox Series X represents them in a better quality.

The complete analysis You can watch here: