After the new generation consoles moved from the mechanical hard drives to a multiple faster SSD, there was a familiar problem in front: The console s own storage space runs out of a lot of players before long. Where Microsoft was knocked up with Seagate with Seagate and brought up a further extension card with the console at the same time, the owners of PlayStation 5 had to implement only about 667 gigabytes. Sony named PS5 with so fast-paced Flash memory that its partner is not valid for any M.2 connector storage venue. To ensure compatibility, the Japanese manufacturer tested third-party SSD supply by monthly sales and after the closed Beethanda, in September 2021, the operating system update was officially published, which enabled additional SSD to all.

Milli skewed so it s in the eye …

Although the use of general standards opens up more opportunities, finding the SSD suitable for Vitos Pleika. Most M.2 hard drives are sold as such without any refrigeration element (i.e., so-called heatsink), so the user is responsible for installing the heat evaporation mechanism – or unused. In the published guidelines published by Sony, the details of the cooling structure have been told even to the precision of the tens of the mills. The exact dimensions are due to the fact that the additional storage space column found in console decorations is quite cramped and it should be placed on the cover of it. This is justified by the so-called negative pressure, which is intended to absorb the SSD with a glowing heat away with a Pleech s own fan.

The consolefin received the ADATA gaming brand, XPG, the Gammix series S70 model mark. It is about 180 euros at a price of one moment of the cheapest of the fourth generation of NVME M.2 plates in the capacity of the terabyte, which has a heatsink constant. It was known that the factory installed refrigeration rack is slightly annoying two millimeters higher than Sony s speeks. Therefore, the M.2 hatch cover could not be put back in place. It was not given to interfere, but it was trusted that the storage space remains sufficiently cool to heat the heatsink in the fierce stress.

Gammix S70 Blade, it s a scattering sister.

The XPG also has become a newer sister pattern with a blade adder with a lower-range and as such with PS5 – a cooling plate. Unfortunately, the Blade model at least at this stage seems to be available from Finland, and no instructions are known. In other respects, S70 and S70 Blade are technically identical. In addition to the version of one blade, both of them are available on two terabyte storage spaces with a slightly higher theoretical maximum speed. At the same time, the price is almost doubles, so a cheap Lysti a parish purchase is not.

cover off, hatch open

The installation of the additional space itself is not a demanding operation. The most essential is that the NVME PCIE 4.0 standard M.2 is used with a capacity of at least 256 gigabytes and up to 4 terabytes. And naturally, the console must first upgrade to the latest operating system version, or otherwise there is only an unbroken error message that can not get rid of the device by turning off the device.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Opened and Additional SSD installed.

When the basic conditions are met, the installation will be handled within minutes, depending on how easily accessible to the console wires can be removed, and whether PS5 is a white shell pad effortlessly. If the console is for the first time in the console, it may be removed from the shell to require a little more power.

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The first starting M.2 is initialized and its reading speed is measured. Gammix S70 exceeded Sony s 5,500MB speed clearly, and the measurement result was 6,260.5 megabytes per second. This still remains from the manufacturer to report a 7,200 megabytes of seconds. Plekka does not say anything about the writing cheese, but XPG s product information read has been multiplied by 6,800 MB / S. However, it should be remembered that SSD discs are not always running at a steady rate, but speed depends, inter alia, from the size of the file and even the temperature of the hard disk memory circuitry. This is clear, especially at the stage when the games are transferred from the station to another. From PS5 to Advanced SSD, Data aversion of 1.125 gigabytes per second. It s a very brisk ride, but far from the theoretical maximum. Back to the console by moving the pace slowed down to about 225 megabytes per second, which told that Sony restricts PS5 s own SSD write speeds programmatically. All the slowest was to cycle the PS5 game names to the USB storage mode for the cold storage and back to the game load on M.2.

PS5 data transfer rates from different storage space when moving to another.

However, the essential question is likely to be different from the use of M.2 SSD in any way from the console? In practice no. Whether it s about installing, updating, starting up games, or downloading the recordings, everyone went to the PS5 games as fast and smoothly. PS4 games were left outside the tests because they are more economical to install on a USB hard drive. Differences in the actual measurement results were the second tithing, which is almost random variation and measuring accuracy. The biggest difference between PS5 was 0.4 seconds toratchet & Clank: Rift Apartin startup, and the biggest profit margin for S70 came in wreckfest 0.5 seconds.

PS5 Games Charging and Starting times – Fastest Marked with Green.

Sometimes it but may be too big

On the basis of a two-week test period, it seems very strongly that there is no effect on the lack of m.2 position on the deck of the m.2 position. No actual temperature measurements were not made, but several hours in gaming sessions did not show any of the usual abnormalities, and the PS5 fan had to raise their rounds. And since S70 has a five-year warranty, no long-term potential problems have no reason to be afraid. It is still worth remembering even a couple of times a year to vacuum the steps of the plecities to retrieve the retrofitted SSD from the accumulated dust.

Small but still too big.

Although XPG Gammix S70 is suitable for PS5, due to its overcoming cooling element, it can not be reserved for it. Of course, if it is properly bold, the heatsink can screw out and replace with some lower. Such a fashion, however, will bring additional costs and possibly void the warranty. Varma is playing a favor directly to the Sainting Blade template or watch the supply of other manufacturers.