When did the Walking Dead have been the last time a spookhouse episode? Because different is the scenario in which Connie and Virgil are at a time, not to describe. After all, Connie has managed to escape the cave crash. The supposedly abandoned house, where you and new companions of Virgil are located, but does not look much more confident. More, Connie feels observed. Whether this is only because she has not slept far too long, as Virgil suspects? Or are they actually persecuted?

The Walking Dead: Killer-Kannibalen apart it on Connie and Virgil. Source: AMC Naturally, second, as it turns out when Virgil and Connie separate with their exploration tour through the house. However, there are no zombies that will charge you, but a group of cannibals who have been losing almost everything since the zombie apocalypse, which has once made them human. However, that makes them less dangerous how Virgil quickly experiences their own body. While he and Connie trying to flee from the house, one of the cannibals wound him hard. The two does not remain another choice: Conni rubs itself with zombie moons and lures the undead, which drift in front of the house. This creates it to leave the Kannibalen hostel. Not the only happy coincidence as it turns out, because a short time later, Virgil and Connie are discovered by another group survivor: Kelly, Magna, Carol and Rosita, who had discovered one of Connies and Virgil s stores and were looking for them .

The Walking Dead: Daryl and the Reaper

Daryl is meanwhile in others but no less dangerous location. The Reaper accepted him as one of them, at the latest after he tortured his fellow folded and the situation of Maggie s meeting point. Therefore, he, Leah and a few other Reaper will be sent out to make Maggie and Negan in their hiding place. Of course, Daryl does not want that. With some very loud whispering and other carelessness, he also manages to make Maggie and the others draw attention to the Reaper. The group flees and Daryl returns with The Walking Dead: Daryl and the Reaper on the way to Maggies. Source: AMC back the other to the base of the Reaper. There already waits Pope on her. He says that the prisoner told him everything. Whether Daryl s Scharlade is flown with it?

As long as the on the inside underlying scenario (how did the inhabitants of the ghost home were actually managed to become so animalize?) Ignored, is the sixth episode of the eleventh season of The Walking Dead an amazing good horror Sequence with some real nailboat scenes. Especially the circumstance that Connie is deaf, the creators of the episode have exploited very well. To fear that – and we mean that in the positive sense!

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