Conference Cedec2021 for game developers held online in 2021. UNREAL ENGINE 5 Early Access Feature PART 1 , which explains EPIC GAMES s Unreal Engine 5 (hereinafter referred to as UE5), which has become a beautiful photorial representation. We will deliver the session part1 report to explain the features to be noted in the early access version of this engine.

This session is divided into part1 and part2, and this part1 is PART2 is the content for programmers at the contents for artists and game designers. The Lord is the Epic Games Japan Software Engineer, Mr. Kazuya Okada, Mr. Yasuto Sawada, Mr. Akasuho, Technical Artist, Mr. Hatsuya Saito, Mr. Yuya Shioya.

UE5, which started early access in May 2021, is planning to full release on the first 2022. Basically, the image in the article is also inevitably increasing the contents of the slide, but if you have an interesting feature, please be sure to attach it to the end.

The UE5 resources published at this time are four types of documents, sample projects, Unreal online learning, and frequently asked questions. Describes the update contents of the UE5 Editor UI before entering the main skin. If you appear in bullets, it will be below.

· Editor UI became flat design

· Add content drawer

Function to store tabs in the sidebar

· Display processing status at project startup

It became possible to execute console command from the lower left of the editor

Describe from the introduction of MODELING TOOLS, and explained that it will be a function that will touch on future BSP depreciation. This Modeling Tools is an in-editor mesh editing tool added from UE4.25, allowing mesh editing on the UE, and current UE5 is provided as BETA. Note that this tool is provided as plugin, as it is necessary to activate it.

Basic operations select the corresponding icon from the toolbar on the UE, select from the mode toolbar, adjust the parameters from the Modeling tab, and change the mesh on the viewport, and click Accept to apply. It is a series of flows. The save destination of the asset is stored on the content browser according to the set rules, and the save rules can also be changed. A description of Shape category for generating basic forms has been made.

QUIXEL BRIDGE integrates for Bridge. The original stand-alone application was combined and built into the UE5 editor. Use how to use bridge from the menu and only perform license authentication. It is a simple thing that can be placed by drag and drop selected assets. Download settings can select quality from low / medium / high / native and native to be suitable for UE5. We will focus on high speed layout by leveraging Bridge.

Debugging function Niagara Debugger is a system that can easily control the Niagara system on the level. Start Niagara Debugger and enable HUD to display on the viewport. You will be able to visually verify particle attributes (adjustment speed can also be adjusted). These features are not implemented in Early Access 2, but are implemented in UE5 main and UE4.27.

Subsequently, it is Animation Update. Motion warping is used in a scene that overcomes rocks in the UE5 Ancient Valley sample and supplements root motion. Root Motion is an animation character control by root bone, and smooth movements can be expressed without complicated settings on the game side. However, if used outside of the environment, movement can not be realized as intended.

The previous weakness can be solved by creating a root Motion of various patterns, but the number of involved elements increases as it increases. It is Motion warping that can solve these. This eliminates the need to create a large number of animations.

FBIK had a problem that it was heavy in the game, which was already implemented in UE4.26, and it was difficult to adjust from the multi-parameter. A new Full-Body IK that solves those problems.

Nanite is a function to handle a large number of vertices in rendering, and Lumen draws dynamic global illumination and reflection. Nanite will draw high-definition drawing with minimal data by data streaming with only the necessary amounts that are virtualization technology. On UE5, you can select Static Mesh and toggle activation and invalidation.

Subsequently, it is the progress of mobile development at UE5. Mobile Rendering has been modified at UE5, and the new Skin Shading model is comparable to the desktop, and the shading of eyeballs and hair hair is also replaced with new ones.

In addition to adapting to Android Game Develop Extension and can be directly debugged to Android terminals (also scheduled to be implemented in UE4.27), IOS and TVOS terminals can also be deployed.

The above was the content of the new function part1 for UE5. It can be seen that the animation adjustment function, ray tracing, and the introduction of the mobile version are centered and have powerful features at the early access stage.

On the other hand, it is anxious about how many functions do not work and the function did not work, and it is anxious about how much it has been resolved by the formal release. The continued UNREAL ENGINE 5 Early Access Feature Feature Total PART 2 is also planned to be released nearby, so please wait for readers.