As every year, the appointments of history will take place in Blois in early October, with the work as the theme for this edition. Among several hundred conferences to be held for five days throughout the city, you can find the video games area on Saturday 9th and Sunday, October 10 in the faculty premises for four conferences.

It s Mehdi Debbabi-Zourgani , known readers of history for his interventions on Eiyuden Chronicle , who organizes and animates these video game conferences for several years. It will be surrounded again for this edition of Julien Lalu , historian and researcher specializing in the history of video games.

The punctual stakeholders include Bril Manon , Doctor in History and Creator of the Chain This is another story, Hélène Sellier , docture in comparative literature, Justine Defrance , Creator of the chain La Prof, Romain Vincent , PhD student in Educational Sciences and Creator of the Video Games and History, and Clement Viktorovitch , Politologist and Chronicler on France Info.

Among the topics covered this year, we will find the relationship between video game and work in all its forms, from the video games that make the player work like Papers Please to the representations of the figures of work in the games , through the evolution of work in video games.