Today, on September 22, start the first player in the Early Access vonFIFA 22. However, there is for the majority of players a 10-hour limit after the game has to be first put aside again. If you want to make effective use of Ultimate Team the time, you should consider a few things.

So runs the Early Access: The Early Access to FIFA 22 launches today for all EA-play members. This access is limited to 10 hours. There is an exception for EA Pro members on the PC – can play indefinitely.

However, should be faced with the 10-hour limit a lot of the players. If you want to use the order in advance to get into Ultimate Team ahead, you can find some tips here as you use the time effectively.

When does the Early Access? confirmed only the date, but no time. The exact starting date has not yet officially. Current information on the start time of the FIFA 22 Early Access can be found here.

1. Closes FIFA 22 completely, if you is not on the court

This should note her: Your pauses, takes you briefly what to eat, watched a video on YouTube? Then do not forget to close the game really complete. Do not just go to the main menu of your console or minimize windows – but really: quit game.

Background is: If the game runs in the background, runs her danger that this time comes off your game minutes. Then you come out of your break again and determines that your trial ends earlier than expected.

Basically, the Early Access provides precisely the advantage that you can already be on the pitch. About the gameplay you can you earn coins which you turn needs for trading. Accordingly, you should try to spend most of the Trials effectively with matches.

2 . Uses the Web app for everything else

This brings the Web app: FIFA 22 Web App appear ebeenfalls on the day of the Early Access and offers all sorts of functions.

FIFA 14: Restart Match Option Solved
You can manage your team
Use the transfer market
pick up rewards for goals
solve SBCs

Open the pack

All of these things of course you can make the game even in the FUT menu. Since you will be deducted trial time, you could also spend on the court. Therefore: Uses for everything that has to be done in the menu, the Web app – then saves her time to play.

Important: Report to you explicitly in Ultimate Team from before you close your game. Because: You can not use the web app if you, for example, logged on the console. Closing the game easily without logging off from FUT, it may take up to 30 minutes, has been able to FUT that you are not online – and does not let you into the web app.

By the way: This year we will again play for returnees rewards: packs for players who ever took part. The course you can open the same – or to use them as soon as the first cards TOTW or OTW player ( Ones-to-Watch ) are available. Then you are lucky, at least a small chance of strong cards to start.

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3 . Is looking for rewards in tasks

That you can observe her: If the Early Access goes online, are also likely to first tasks in Ultimate Team will be available. Here it may be worthwhile to look for simple tasks. For example, bring those coins for victories in Squad Battles, simple trading tasks – and the like.

Also Coin boosts you can sometimes get on the tasks. This also worthwhile, because with whom you get turn more coins for each game played.

In addition, there should be some special tasks with rewards in the Early Access:

During the Early Access there are special live FUT friendship games where you play to pack rewards.
A untauschbarer 80-84 players pick and a team of the Week Lend player (10 games) may deserve special early access goals

This content should be available exclusively during the Early Access and can be worth it. Also, Ones-to-Watch-SBC is to come. But the dissolving then better about the Web app once it s there.

Of course, you can just use the trial also to outside to be out of Ultimate Team. Finally, the game also features modes such as Career Mode, Volta or pro clubs. All content is available in Early Access.

There, too, you can let off steam in advance if FUT is not for you. All contents of the game you will find in our overview of the release of FIFA 22nd