BeiFIFA 22 of the Early Access starts on 09/22/2021 with EA Play. You can play 10 hours before the release. We look at the content and the start time.

What is FIFA s 22 Trial with EA Play? The trial version with EA Play you a 10-hour access to FIFA 22 which is valid from 22 September. During this period, 22 you can play FIFA indefinitely. Ultimate team through the career mode to Volta all content is available.

If the 10 hours expired, also the access ends in the trial version. Your FUT progress can you but in the full game to take if you it will bring you to the FIFA 22 release.

The trial version thus gives you an opportunity ever presented here – as did the FIFA 22 Web App.

What do I need for the EA Play Trial? Basically just needed her only one EA Play membership on the platform of your choice, to utilize the Early Access. Then you get access to the trial version.

FIFA 22 Early Access to EA Play – Start & time

What time FIFA 22 starts with EA Play? As things stand, there is no official time for the start. Only the date, September 22, 2021, was officially confirmed.

In FIFA subreddit is however currently being discussed that the trial could start on September 22 at 19:00 German time (via reddit). As a basis for this is a posting is used on Twitter, but that is currently not available.

So it is possible that the trial version is available only in the evening. We will keep you at this point in the loop as soon as there is official information.

Is there a pre-load 22 Trial for FIFA? As things stand, there is still no official information on a pre-load the trial version of EA Play. At least in the case of steam, it does not look out, according to a Tweet by EA Help as if a pre-load offered.

Once there is new information here, we ll keep you up to date.

What is the use of the Early Access to EA Play in FUT?

So you get an advantage: Basically, you can earn about playing the game coins. Especially during the Early Access can be interesting because you get an early budget for activities in the transfer market. Substituting the turn in the transfer market in a Web App, you can possibly benefit from not so many players left – and make a few bargains.

At the same time there should be some bonus content during the Early Access in FUT.

A untauschbarer 80-84 players pick and a team of the Week Lend player (10 games) may deserve special early access goals
TOTW 1 with improved card goes in the time line.
During the Early Access there are special live FUT friendship games where you play to pack rewards.
There will also be a Ones-to-Watch-SBC.

More start FUT you learn here.

The cost of EA Play

What does EA Play? The cost depends on the platform of your choice from.

Xbox and Playstation currently cost 99 cents a month (via EA Play). Important: Xbox Game Pass EA Play is already included.
3.99 euros per month are there with Origin or Steam
Another alternative is EA Pro for 14.99 euros a month.

What s EA Pro? EA Pro is available for PC via Origin or EA app and grants, among other full access to various special versions of certain games.

This is in FIFA 22 with the Ultimate Edition the case. Which is then available on September 22 for Pro members – and indefinitely.

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EA Play announce: You can play EA cancel at any time. Who has enough of that ie after the FIFA Trial, then can also end the subscription again. So it is for example possible to secure the trial for 99 cents, and then log out.

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