The 50 Greatest Players in National Basketball Association Background, additionally described as NBA s 50th Wedding anniversary All-Time Group or NBA s Leading 50, were selected in 1996 to recognize the 50th anniversary of the starting of the National Basketball Organization (NBA). These 50 gamers were chosen with a vote by a panel of media participants, former gamers and coaches, as well as current and also former basic managers. On top of that, the top ten head trainers and top ten single-season groups in NBA background were selected by media members as component of the party. The 50 players needed to have actually played at least a portion of their occupations in the NBA as well as were selected irrespective of position played.
The listing was revealed by NBA commissioner David Stern on October 29, 1996, at the resort Grand Hyatt New york city, the previous site of the Commodore Resort, where the original NBA charter was signed on June 6, 1946. The news noted the beginning of a season-long celebration of the organization s wedding anniversary. Forty-seven of the fifty players were later on set up in Cleveland, throughout the halftime event of the 1997 All-Star Game. Three players were lacking: Pete Maravich, that had passed away in 1988, at 40; Shaquille O Neal, who was recuperating from a knee injury; and Jerry West, who was arranged to have surgery for an ear infection as well as could not fly. At the time of the news, 11 players were active; all have ultimately retired. O Neal was the last to be energetic in the NBA, retiring at the end of the 2010– 11 period.

EA has announced the plans for FIFA 22 at an overview. In addition to the appointments to the Early Access of the game, the Ones to Watch campaign, FUT Heroes and more, the Preview Packs for the Lootboxen have now been presented.

Early access

EA play members can start their FUT 22 trip with a 10-hour test phase from 22 September. EA Play Pro Players have full access to the game on the PC from 22 September. For those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition, full game access begins on 27 September, 4 days before the world s publication on October 1st.

During the Early Access phase, there are the following content:

A non-tradable 80-84 Ovr Player Pick and a 10-game rental player for the team of the week (TOTW), which will earn over special early access goals.
Team of the week 1 with reinforced objects that highlight the best players last week. In addition, there is the first special TOTW object of FUT 22.
A temporally limited ear-access live fift friend game, where you can fight for pack rewards.
In addition, players can start the Ones to Watch (OTW) with an OTW Player Squad Building Challenge (SBC) available at an early stage exclusively during the Early Access.


The complete campaign starts on October 1st. Ones to Watch (OTW) celebrates the largest transfers of the transfer window with dynamic objects, which can be upgraded according to the performance of the players for their new clubs.

When players will become a team of the week and man of the game during the season, their OTW objects also rise.

New in FUT 22 OTW objects are also suitable for a Wins to Watch upgrade. This is a unique +1 in-form boost, which an OTW object receives when its new club will win five of the next ten games in the domestic league from 1 October!

In Fut 21, there were 22 OTW objects for Team 1 and 2. This year, 6 additional OTW objects for Team 1 and 2 are provided to celebrate a stunning transfer window, so 28. Two groups of 3 OTW objects are made by Mini shares on Sundays to your respective team come across as shown in the table below.

Performance-dependent programs

Frequent feedback on power-based programs such as the team of the week, man of the game or player of the month is that their ratings lag behind the evaluations of items during the year, which are published under campaigns. The combination of FUT with the real world of football is part of what makes this mode so special. In order for these program publications to fit better to the football event, some adjustments to the power-based programs will be made during the year.

FUT Heroes

Fut heroes come to FUT 22. Celebrate some of the most memorable football players with FUT Heroes objects representing the unforgettable moments she made to fan favorites.

All 19 FUT Heroes will be available from the global launch on October 1st in FUT and stay there for the entire duration of FUT 22. It may be that additional versions are made available as part of selected FUT 22 campaigns and programs.

Preview Packs

After the positive resonance of the fans on their introduction to FIFA 21, the Preview Packs in FIFA 22 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X | S, STADIA and PC. Preview Packs are a pack type that allows you to see all specific items contained therein. As soon as you have seen what is included in the pack, you can either buy it with FUT coins or FIFA points.

You can expect the following:

The Premium Gold Pack will be available for the preview with a 24-hour refresh timer next to the non-preview version.
The Premium Silver Pack will be available for preview with a 24-hour refresh timer next to the non-preview version.

EA Play member benefits

This year, the offer for EA Play members will be expanded. In addition to the 10-hour early access test phase and 10 percent member discount on FIFA points and other digital EA purchases receive members of seasonal boosts in Fut, seasonal Volta coins and clothing items in Volta Football and monthly futst stadium matches during the season.

FUT Pre-Season Rewards

Players, which were entitled to pre-Season Rewards from the FUT 22 Pre-Season campaign, receive these until 12 October 2021. FUT 22 rewards must be redeemed by 12 November 2021 by logging in to FUT 22 .

Companion App

Begins your FUT 22 trip with the FUT Companion App, which is published on September 22 for the Internet and on September 23 for mobile phones. At the latest on 17 October, players can use the FUT Companion App without logging in to the complete game. FIFA 22 will be released worldwide on 1 October 2021 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia and PC.