The start of the Early Access version of FIFA 22 is imminent. Members of EA Play will receive the opportunity from 22 September to play a first trial version for the new football simulation. A time is not known, probably sounds in the course of the Wednesday afternoon of the kick-off. The trial version offered by the Electronic Arts online service includes all the content of the full version and can be played for a total of ten hours. To access the ear-access version, you need a membership of EA Play. This is available on Xbox and PlayStation from 99 cents per month. On PC costs the monthly subscription 3.99 euros. The annual memberships are available for 24.99 euros each. With an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, EA Play is also inclusive.

EA Play Pro Members (14.99 euros per month) on PC also start on 22 September, then the Ultimate Edition is available in an unlimited scope. If you want FIFA 22 (Buy Now 59.99 € / 53.99 €) Testing before the release, just take a month at EA Play and cancel the subscription again. However, a fader of taste remains: On a free demo, EA also renounces this year. As with its predecessor, the developers do not offer a trial version with which first friendly matches can be issued.

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FIFA 22: EA manifests itself to the demo – test match again canceled

Electronic Arts dispenses with the release of a FIFA 22 demo. Also this year there are only paid alternatives.

If you want to kick sample before buying, you have to avoid a fee-based offer. In the past, the demos in the past belonged to the tradition: FIFA fans fenced the annual trials regularly – the demos were downloaded million subject. FIFA 22 will be released on October 1 for PC and consoles. Incidentally, a four-day preliminary event is also in the Ultimate Edition available for 100 euros (80 euros on PC).

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