Timberborn, a City Builder in which your cunning beaver controls has only been available for a few days as an early access title, but it is now allowed to knock on the wooden shoulder. Because the game landed directly in the Steam sales charts. First in second place, only outdated by Arcane Timer Shooter Deathloop, meanwhile slightly slipped in 6th place.

Nevertheless, the success of the BIBER construction simulation can be seen. Over 5000 players at the same time Timberborn was able to record at the launch day. Together with all future players, you can test the title for about a year in early access and then send your feedback to the developers so that Timberborn is further polished and does not start splintering.

carved from good wood

Although Timberborn is still in the Early Access, the construction simulation has a lot to offer. No wonder, after all, the title has been in development since 2018 and has been benefiting from the community for some time now. As the Timberborn trailer shows, you can choose a faction as in other city builders, even if only two are currently available: the rustic rods and the iron teeth.

If you have opted for one of the two, you can fall into the civil engineering. As the name of the game already reveals, the main resource is of course wood. Finally, beavers can best deal from nature. In order to secure the survival of the colony and to build there where the humanity lost in the game failed, of course, to build a functioning settlement and prepare for all eventualities.

Dürreperiodoes, for example, let the rivers dry and thus destroy your grown feed, supplies are essential. So that you do not waste too much country, you can also use your buildings vertically and create new rivers for designing the surrounding area.

Timberborn is available for PC Via Steam, Gog and the Epic Store. On the first two platforms, the BIBERTASTIC BAUSEIMULATION costs 21 euros, with EPIC you have for 20 euros. Currently, the title for the celebration of publication is also reduced by 10 percent everywhere. If you want to make nails with heads, it is worth it to bump now.

Source: Arcane Timern

From Jonas Höger
19.09.2021 at 12:35