Worldwide Space Development is a private-led newspace of a paradigm.

Space X has been promoting the communication site project and jumped on the development of Mars. Virgin Gallacti succeeded in the first space trip, and China s Orinjin Space is preparing a project that minises resources such as minerals in the universe.

Newspaces are attracting attention to new energy and resource excavation and human migration. According to Morgan Stanley, the space industry market is expected to reach $ 1.1 trillion (about 1,000 won) by 2040.

In Korea, attempts to advance to the private-led space business are becoming full. It is mainly to acquire a small and medium-sized company that revealed a hamburse in the universe business and quickly securing technology and is going to the universe market.

Private-led Space Development Project There is a Hansom Group. The universe, Drone Professional subsidiary who acquired last September, and a global specialist, along with a global specialist, we plan to shoot artistic Sejong No. 1 next year.

Sejong No. 2, and 3 ~ 5, after the launch of Sejong 1, It is expected to operate more than 50 groups of military satellite on future business growth in the future.

Hankom Group plans to build All-in-One Services to collect, manage, analyze, and sell video data by linking the drones of satellite and ground. It is aimed at enhancing profitability by expanding forest resources and disasters such as wildfires such as weather and production forecasts, and forecasting forest fire.

The recent worldwide universal industry, said, The recent worldwide space industry is celebrating the News Face era of private led, he said.

Hanhwa launched a space herb in March and has launched the universe business.

The Space Hub, which is designed for future food such as aerospace and green hydrogen energy, is leading Kim Dong-yeon Hanhwa Solution representatives of Kim Dong-yong, chairman of the Hanhwa Group. It is the interpretation of the core business of the current Hanhwa Group to replace petrochemical and defense.

The Space Herb is an affiliate that has a globe of aerospace experience such as Hanwha Air Responses, Hanwha Systems and Satrecia. In addition, the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) also establishes a space research center.

The next month, Nurunh s engine, which is scheduled to launch, was also made in Hanwha Air Responses. Each rocket s flight control and tax system and engine supply system valves are also the work of Hanwha Air Responses.

The universe business prepared in Hanwha Group is known as communication, navigation satellite, observation, space resource mining and garbage collection, exploration and so on.

To this end, the Hanhwa system has recently invested $ 300 million (equity rate 8.8%) on a satellite communication company won. We plan to participate in international universe exploration that sponsor astronauts for universe resources such as Artemis plans.

In addition, we will take advantage of the technology to enforce hundreds of billion won investment in the Relerusitivity Space, which manufactures satellite launches with 3D printing technology.

LIG Nexwon focuses on the development of Korean Satellite Navigation System (KPS), centering on a high-performance video radar (SAR) and a satellite ground communication terminal.

The KPS provides a total of 8 satellites, such as a total of 8 satellites, such as a static orbital satellite 3-tier, and a total of 8 satellites such as a sorting orbital satellite 5 period, such as a static orbital satellite satellite 5 period.

In addition, Lig Nexwon cooperates with research and development of satellite research in KAIST and small class satellite co-research and development, workforce exchange.