NEW PITCH NOTES SUFFA 22 Show how to run the start in Ultimate Team. There is new information about the Early Access, Special Cards, Packs and the Web App.

What’s going on? In the so-called Pitch Notes , EA Sports regularly releases updates to new content in FIFA. That was the case on 16 September. Here, explicitly shown how the first days will be running in FUT – and a few more info content was also discussed.

We show you the most important news about Ultimate Team in FIFA 22 in the overview.

Early access and start the web app

When is the Early Access? There are several ways to play FIFA 22 before the official release on 01 October.

There is a 10-hour trial for EA Play members, which can be used from 22 September.
EA Play per member may access the game from 22 September without restrictions.
For pre-order the Ultimate Edition, it starts on September 27th.

Bonuses to the Early Access: If you are at an early stage, you can prepare for a few special content during preliminary discount.

An unchangeable 80-84 Player Pick and a Team of the Week Leih Player (10 Games) can be earned over special early access destinations
TOTW 1 with improved cards goes online in time. The TOTW will also be improved – you can read more below.
During the Early Access there are special live fut of friendly matches, where you play around Pack rewards.
In addition, there will be an ones-to-watch SBC during the Early Access.

Official start of the FIFA 22 web app

When does the web app start? The web app for FIFA 22 will start as the Early Access on September 22nd. The mobile variant, ie the Companion App, goes online on September 23. Everything about the web app you will learn here.

TOTW, special cards and packs in FUT 22

What is new to the Totw? Also in FIFA 22, there will be the team of the week again. Here the players always land in the real football the best services on the matchday land. There is a special card for these players.

In the past, however, there was criticism that these cards could no longer compete with the most crazier events in FIFA. This wants FIFA 22 according to Pitch Notes with some adjustments of the cards based on real benefits. The beginning make special Featured Totw Player .

As will be shown here by way of example on a hypothetical card for Jude Bellingham, these Featured players get a fierce boost than normal TOTW cards.

But for the start of the Season, however, there is restrictions: so the player must be valued at most with 80 or less and may not have active live cards (eg ones to watch).

So weak toTW cards of the past will be more exciting in the future. At the same time, the Pitch Notes indicates that further measures will follow.

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Icons, Heroes and Ones to Watch

The pitch notes also discusses three types of special cards and when they are available.

Heroes: The new FUT HEROES will be available from the launch on 01 October in FIFA 22. It is also possible that additional versions are added during events. A list of FUT HEROES can be found here.

Icons: For the icons, there will be again BASE, MID, PRIME and MOMENTS cards. Base and Mid are available from the start, Prime and Moments will come later. In addition, Icon Swaps and Icon SBCs return.

ONES TO WATCH: With the launch of FIFA 22 also starts the OTW event (ie from 01 October). Here are back cards for players who changed the club this summer and improved during the season.

Upgrades are available for TOTW or MAN-of-the-match cards
There is also an upgrade to a point when the player’s real team from the first ten lots from 01 October 5 games wins

There should be a total of 28 OTW cards. Team 1 comes on 01 October and is available until 8th October. It will be supplemented by three other OTW cards on 03 October.

Team 2 will then appear on October 8th and stays until 13.10. This team will also be supplemented with 3 cards – on the 10th of October.

Anyone who has ordered the Ultimate Edition then gets an OTW player from the respective team, in whose period you open the OTW pack. After 13 October, both teams are possible.

The Preview Packs return to FIFA 22

What’s going on at the packs? In FIFA 21, Ultimate Team had got packs for the first time, whose content could be seen before it opened. Players liked this change very much, as they reduced the gambling factor a bit – because now one knew what to get for his coins. If you were satisfied with the content, you can buy the pack. If you prefer not wanted it, you could just go back. After that, a 24-hour timer starts until the next preview pack is available – except, you buy the pack. In FIFA 22 these packs will be available again. Also non-preview packs are again in the shop. It will give both variants. You want to know more about FIFA 22? Then here you will find our overview for FIFA 22 release.