Although the tactic shooter Zero Hour has been in the Early Access for more than a year, but only for a few weeks the shooter takes up so slowly. Especially fans of realistic hardcore shooters come to their costs.

Zero Hour: Hardcore shooter comes slowly in ride

Fans of Rainbow Six Victories Beware! On Steam there is an even more realistic alternative for you. The tactic shooter Zero Hour has been in the early ACCESS program of Steam since August 2020, but the game managed it only within the last few months.

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Zero Hour is a team-based ego shooter, which focuses on tactical and coordinated procedures . Wannabe Rambos have lost nothing here! In the game, you can either deny greater missions against the Ki together with friends or measure you in the multiplayer in the form of 5VS5 matches with other players .

In doing so, it slips into the role of an anti-terrority unity, which depends relieving hostages depending on the place of use or defuse a bomb. Alternatively, you play on the side of the terrorists and have to try to prevent exactly that.

A view in the launch trailer of Zero Hour gives you a first impression of the game:

See Zero Hour on Steam

Both teams have different advantages and disadvantages . For example, the defenders can handle stolid wire traps and keep an attitude in the map of installed cameras. The attackers, however, have the possibility to cap the power supply to the building and thus completely turn off the lighting.

What do the players say to the new hardcore shooter?

Currently, the reviews of Zero Hour are very positive – and although the game is still in the Early Access. Many players reminds the shooter at classics like SWAT 4. They are mainly done that realism and communication in the game are capitalized. Some fans even say that the game is better than Rainbow Six: Victories.

The developers indicate that Zero Hour will remain in the early ACCESS until the summer of 2022 . During this time, they want to worry about departing out the coast edges of the game and add new content such as cards, weapons and tools. In addition, the small team pays attention to the feedback of the players in the development (Source: Steam).

For tactic shooter fans, Zero Hour seems to be a real insider tip. So if you are looking for an alternative to Rainbow Six Siege, you should definitely watch the game closer. Zero Hour currently costs 9.99 euros on Steam.